Who will decide who is mentally stable to buy or operate a firearm?

Some will argue that anyone who wants to buy or operate a firearm is mentally unstable.

During the American Revolution, the British could easily have argued that all the colonial revolutionaries were mentally unstable. During the American Civil War, either side could have argued the other side was mentally unstable.

Any group may be unstable for not supporting popular views.

Some may argue that Americans who drink, smoke, take recreation or prescription drugs, belong to certain unpopular religions, or are gay or lesbian may be mentally unstable.

We do not want to turn the power over to the government to decide who is and who is not mentally stable. Turning it over to doctors or any profession will become corrupted.

Once a list of disqualifying criteria is begun, it will only grow longer. Once we start down the path of deciding who is mentally stable to buy or operate a firearm, it is a slippery slope that may lead to civil war before complete confiscation is realized.

And as tax revenues are increasingly used to pay the interest on our debt, and when our fiat currency finally collapses and we cannot pay our military, who will protect America except for armed Americans?

–Robert John Stevens, March 1, 2018

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