VidAngel’s Cause is for all Mankind

by Robert John Stevens, July 10, 2016

VidAngel is being sued by four corporate giants: Disney, Lucasfilm, Fox and Warner Bros. who will use every deceptive strategy possible to shut them down.

Read the bully filing and demand for jury trial against VidAngel.

VidAngel buys a physical DVD of a movie or TV show, sells it to a customer who also gets to watch it via the VidAngel video streaming service, and then buys the DVD back at a reduced price. Doesn’t that sound like a normal free market transaction as defined by Adam Smith’s “The Wealth Of Nations?”

The rights to buy, sell and transport are both natural and inalienable rights that existed long before governments were formed. Citizens formed governments in part to defend those rights.

VidAngel buys videos that would normally never be purchased because of their crude content. Hollywood studios ignores that and cites loss of revenues for copyright holders. That of course is baloney and is a blatant act of deception that exposes to citizens how Hollywood studios use the force of government to squash competitors.

Suppose you buy a video, make a personal copy and then show that to a hundred neighbors. Should each person by forced to send the copyright holders money? Of course not.

The global elite are using copyright infringement to shut down free speech on the Internet. This is just another opportunity to further erode free speech by passing more copyright legislation.

Hollywood studios argue that VidAngel’s $1 offer, which includes viewing of new DVD releases, unfairly competes with authorized streaming services. The unfairness to NetFlicks is they didn’t think of VidAngel’s patented model first.

Hollywood studios argue that VidAngel’s streaming service is not authorized by them.

If and when Star Trek transporters become available should citizens be allowed to buy anything they wish from Walmart or any other retailer, resell and transport without authorization from corporate giants?

Of course they should.

VidAngel customers wish to exercise their constitutional rights to buy, watch and sell without government interference.

This isn’t just VidAngel’s cause. It is the right of entrepreneurs everywhere to compete against corporate giants by offering a better product or service at a better price.

The DVD business for movies and TV-shows continues to die. Even Costco, one of the last retailers to sell released Hollywood DVDs, consistently reduces its offerings.

The only legal and constitutional way for these Hollywood studios (Goliath) to prevail over VidAngel (David) is to stop using the force of government to bully innovators, embrace this new business opportunity and buy VidAngel or license its patent.

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