Mormon Church Website on Religious Freedom

by Robert John Stevens, September 13, 2016

This new Mormon website on religious freedom is a step in the right direction but it may only have short-term and minor influence.

Why? Because it is becoming increasingly difficult to defend one inalienable right and ignore others. The Church will have difficulty protecting religious freedom from government interference while ignoring inalienable property rights, inalienable rights to defend, inalienable rights to liberty, life, happiness, education, self-government, throwing off tyrannical governments, etc.

Inalienable rights are rights we received from God. They were put into our beings by God, perhaps at the time of our creation.’

Inalienable rights can not be delegated or given to government nor should they. For example, if you grant government your right to life then you give them the right to end your life.

These principles are not taught in church meetings.

18th, 19th and early 20th-century Americans knew they can’t expect government to defend inalienable rights unless they, the citizens, are ready to protect them by violence. As foreign and un-politically correct as that sounds today in 21st-Century America, that’s exactly what Jesus Christ says he did in Mormon scripture—he raised up wise men to start a revolution, throw off the British government by force and create the U.S. Constitution.

Up until the 20th century Americans knew well the tree of liberty had to be constantly safeguarded. They knew the consequences for failure, as did the compilers of the Book of Mormon document, can result in the destruction of people, nations and even civilizations.

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