Job Interview Tips with Questions to Ask the Interviewer!

by Robert John Stevens, July 14, 2017

Here are HireStrategy’s tips for interviewing for a job. Emily Glezen emailed these to me. I particularly like the questions to ask that are listed at the end:

· Connect your experience to the job.

· We recommend providing detail and depth in all or your responses.

Thing to be prepared to speak to:
· The company and why you’re interested in working there.

· Your strengths.

· How you’ve overcame challenges in the future and examples.

· Why they should hire you (Speak directly to the job qualifications)

· Why you left past jobs

· Be honest about what you don’t know, but what you would do to find out the answer.

· Be conversational and do not give short answers! If you do not have experience with something, tell them something you do have experience with that is similar and explain your familiarity what that technology. We never recommend just saying ‘no’.

· Do you research on the company – Be able to speak to why you want to work there.

· If you worked with a Technology, make sure you can explain where you worked with it and how you used it.

· Remember to have a copy of your resume on hand for the interview as the manager will be referring to it and it will be easy for you to point out your experience as it pertains to the job description.

· Highlight key points in your resume that pertain to the job description.

· Be prepared to speak to every bullet point on the job description and your resume.

· Allow up to 30 minutes in the interview, it may go longer so please plan accordingly.

· Answer the questions clearly and concisely and stay professional and on topic at all times.

· Do not bring up any negativity about previous employers or positions and stay positive and focused.

· Close strong! Express to the Manager that you are very interested in the position and learning more about next steps.

Advice about when they ask ‘do you have any questions for me’:
Companies love to talk about themselves! The hallmark of a good interview is a 50/50 conversation. You want the interviewer to spend as much time speaking about themselves, the company and position as you should be speaking of your own background. The best way to engage an interviewer is to ask great questions, here are some examples:
1. What do you like about working here?

2. What do you think is the most challenging aspect of this role?

3. What type of profile do you think would be an ideal fit in this position?

4. How would you describe the team culture?

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