I live in Utah. How many laws must I obey?

by Robert John Stevens, September 16, 2019

How many times have we heard government employees say, “You are responsible to know and understand our laws.”

Few if any Americans have read the laws to which they are subject. How could they? It could easily take their entire a lifetime. Was that the intention of our Creator or our Founding Fathers?

Among those laws include:

1. The U.S. Constitution — just 4,400 words.

2. The U.S. Code. Few citizens know they exist and fewer have read them including members of Congress:

3. The IRS Code. —The 2016 edition is 4,132 pages.

4. State Laws —for me the Utah Constitution and Laws

5. County Laws — for me they are Utah County Regulations

6. City Codes —for me they are Provo City Regulations

7. Motor Vehicle Laws and Regulations. For me they are the Utah DMV Regulations

8. CC&Rs (also known as subdivision regulations)

9. Employment regulations including non-disclosure and employment agreements.

10. User agreements that people click to accept often without reading. It is a fair bet that you did not read the agreements for the operating system and browser software to read this.

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