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Governments Based Upon Opinions and Whims Never Work

The Founding Fathers studied history and governments and knew well what worked and did not work for the happiness and prosperity of mankind. When a nation’s top leader avoids principle-based leadership, but uses the media to propagate falsehoods, citizens have no Shepard.

For citizens to return to a government based upon tried and true principles, they need to learn about those principles.  Most Americans have no idea what principles the Constitution and Bill of Rights are based upon. I never hear President Obama educating the people on such principles. As a result we have a society of trickle-down tyranny where legislatures and lawmakers at every level are practicing unrighteous dominion, embracing incorrect ideas and notions that do not make a society safe, prosperous or happy. I feel President Obama can become the greatest president in the history of our nation if he becomes a principle-based president who adopts tried and true principles from the best governments throughout history–not socialism, communism, corporatism or welfarism.