Do the dead have rights?

There is some discussion in Utah about protecting petroglyphs which raises the questions: Do the dead have rights? Do petroglyphs and art have rights if their makers are now dead? And do we compromise the rights and liberty of the living for the rights and creations of those who are dead?

Surely government doesn’t care about the right of the dead nor their creations.

The issue of protecting petroglyphs was discussed this year because Utah County Commissioners granted monopolies to existing mines and earth extraction operations by denying new ones to form on West Mountain. The deceptive plan to get the citizens to demand rezoning lands from grazing and mining to just grazing worked especially well on those who pushed for protecting petroglyphs although it had nothing to do with that.

Evil succeeds when it can successfully convince the people to beg for it.

–Robert Stevens, February 25, 2018

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