Should Computer Science Colleges Teach C/C++ or Python and Typescript?

Dr. Kevin Seppi and I are both advocates of the computer programming languages python and Typescript and were very displeased years ago when the BYU Computer Science Department, where he works and from which I graduated, switched from teaching their introductory classes using Java to C and C++. We both knew that was a step backwards.

Yesterday, I emailed Kevin. You may enjoy our conversation:

Me: Hi Kevin, I know you will find this python vs C/C++ comparison interesting:

Kevin Seppi: Funny timing! We just had a faculty meeting in which we spent part of the time on “The Language” issue. Python, Typescript, Java and C++ are the contenders. No conclusion even on the horizon. I think some are gun-shy, feeling that we made the choice too fast last time and lived to regret it.

Me: LOL! That’s very funny.

Python just wraps C libraries as you know so it is very fast.

Perhaps the one thing I’ve noticed is that Python programmers don’t hesitate–they can whip out a script to do almost anything. Contrast that to C and C++ programmers who groan, “Agh!”

Kevin: Well said!

— by Robert John Stevens, January 17, 2018

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