Is water in a hole after precipitation the underground water table?

Commissioner Bill Lee of Utah County asked me for one question he can ask the Utah County Health Department. Here it is: If you dig a hole on a property where the soil immediately below the surface is wet from snowmelt, and the hole partially fills with water, are you absolutely certain it is the […]

Is Requiring Water Rights for New County Subdivisions Absurd?

by Robert John Stevens, January 2, 2018 Suppose Utah County requires every vehicle buyer to purchase so many gallons of fuel a year. During inversions when our air is dirty and unhealthy, some want the government to force people to drive less but what do we do about vehicles that consume less fuel? Some citizens […]

How does Utah County Determine Water Depth?

by Robert John Stevens, September 20, 2017. Letter to Craig Bostock at the Utah County Health Department, Provo, Utah. Hi Craig, Please respond promptly to this email by detailing the process of determining water depth on a parcel. This is a fair, sincere request and deserves a reply. Here’s a draft for you to correct […]

How Did Humans Survive Without Modern Waste Water Treatment?

by Robert John Stevens, September 8, 2017 I was denied an appeal on Wednesday from a board of four Utah County residents, one was Larry Ellertson a former Utah County Commissioner. I hope my follow-up email, also posted below, offers insight. Dear Craig (Bostock), Jason (Garrett), Ralph (Clegg) and Carl (Hollan), Congratulations again on denying […]

Utah County Flooding, UDOT and Solution Recommendations for Subdivisions

by Robert John Stevens, March 20, 2017 This is an exceptional wet year, probably the wettest since the 1983 Utah floods, and the hard-packed dirt from laser levelling caused the water to glide over it rather than sink in. Here is a classic example of a compounded problem resulting from government intervention. Please read it […]

Make Water Rights Private and Eliminate the Department of Water Rights

by Robert John Stevens, December 1, 2016 I was asked to fill out an online feedback form for the Utah Department of Water Rights. Here’s what I wrote: I purchased water rights and have since been worried that I can’t get my subdivisions approved fast enough because of all the government bureaucracy, my water rights […]