VidAngel: The Sequel to David and Goliath

by Robert John Stevens, October 19, 2017

All great men and women experience severe opposition when they fight for good and ring the bells in hell.

VidAngel’s theme is comparatively a 21st-century underdog sequel of David and Goliath. The fact that VidAngel is experiencing so much opposition from dark forces convinces me that my friend, CEO and Founder Neal Harmon was right all along—that VidAngel will do more good than bad by luring good people to straddle the fence by watching filtered content.

In this announcement of Chapter 11 Reorganization, Neal comes across as determined and full of resolve. To use slang, he’s bad-, bad-, bad to the bone.

Like Steve Jobs at Apple Computer, Neal started an underdog movement for good to triumph over evil. This month he is riding the wave of President Donald Trump’s war against the main-stream media, and Hollywood’s sexual abuse scandal which is furthering their own self-destruction.

I’d like future VidAngel-made movies to simply tell true stories that highlight the brave John and Jane Doe’s of history and ignite mankind with ideas and hope. To make movies like that, they’ll need to find and hire highly moral people who strive for self-mastery and are committed to standing for good.

See VidAngel Uses Chapter 11 Protection to Pause Los Angeles Lawsuit to Reorganize Its Business Around The New Streaming Model

How to Develop Outstanding Children

by Robert John Stevens, November 21, 2016

Neal Harmon the CEO of VidAngel brought his wife Trisha and their seven children over last night for dinner. Their children are young, pleasant and very, very smart. Neal emailed me today, thanked us and wrote, “Your greatest success by far is your family Robert. I have so much to learn from you.”

I too wondered what they must do to have such outstanding children. Being a father of seven, here’s my list of what I’ve discovered to be correct:

  1. Be present, not absent
  2. Don’t just be their parent, truly like and play with them!
  3. Whenever they want to talk to you, stop whatever you are doing and give them your full, undivided attention. That can be difficult, especially when you are studying or focusing on your business, but it is absolutely essential.

    Don’t just act like you’re hearing them—truly listen and understand them. After receiving just a few minutes of your time they are usually satisfied.

  4. Never tell your children they are dumb or stupid; instead, always tell them they’re smart or brilliant!
  5. Do not subscribe to TV channels at home, do not watch TV sports, read to your children daily especially before going to bed, and make frequent trips to the library where they will choose their own literary treasures.
  6. Show your kids high contrast. For example, if you want to motivate them to attend a great college, first take them to a dumpy college and then take them to the outstanding college. Showing high contrast is essential and something most parents fail to do.
  7. Don’t impose your interests or unmet goals on your children; instead, guide them to discover their unique talents and interests.
  8. Always introduce your kids to others as if they’re your most prized possessions—which they are.
  9. Husbands, deflect all credit to your wife who is probably a saint and the main reason for your success.
  10. Feed your children organic food designed and color-coded by God to nourish. Eat food in its natural state or as close to it as possible. Avoid processed sugars. We use natural honey and coconut sugar as substitutes.
  11. Don’t give your children mind-altering drugs.
  12. Don’t let your children fight. Stop violence immediately but not with violence.
  13. Don’t hit your children but you can scare them and chase after them and turn a tense moment into an adventure.
  14. Don’t let your kids play video games or watch TV. Sunday religious movies and a clean or well-filtered Friday or Saturday night movie are plenty.
  15. Take your kids to many places to stimulate their thinking.
  16. Teach your children high ideals, values and principles including honor, honesty and charity. To do this you must value and pursue those yourself.
  17. Help your children discover their God-given gifts so they may align them with their goals. The sooner they discover them the more likely they will choose the right career.
  18. Admit your mistakes to your spouse and children and apologize sincerely. When I wronged my young children I would tell them to spank me on the rear. They did. It rarely hurt and we all felt better.
  19. Take your children to church, read scriptures together but don’t impose your religion on them. Parents who do often create wayward children.
  20. Don’t spend your time watching or engaged in meaningless activities such as one-way propaganda news, TV sports, or video games, so your children will avoid them.
  21. Treat children as you’d want God to treat you—A child’s view of God will depend on how their father treated them.

VidAngel’s Cause is for all Mankind

by Robert John Stevens, July 10, 2016

VidAngel is being sued by four corporate giants: Disney, Lucasfilm, Fox and Warner Bros. who will use every deceptive strategy possible to shut them down.

Read the bully filing and demand for jury trial against VidAngel.

VidAngel buys a physical DVD of a movie or TV show, sells it to a customer who also gets to watch it via the VidAngel video streaming service, and then buys the DVD back at a reduced price. Doesn’t that sound like a normal free market transaction as defined by Adam Smith’s “The Wealth Of Nations?”

The rights to buy, sell and transport are both natural and inalienable rights that existed long before governments were formed. Citizens formed governments in part to defend those rights.

VidAngel buys videos that would normally never be purchased because of their crude content. Hollywood studios ignores that and cites loss of revenues for copyright holders. That of course is baloney and is a blatant act of deception that exposes to citizens how Hollywood studios use the force of government to squash competitors.

Suppose you buy a video, make a personal copy and then show that to a hundred neighbors. Should each person by forced to send the copyright holders money? Of course not.

The global elite are using copyright infringement to shut down free speech on the Internet. This is just another opportunity to further erode free speech by passing more copyright legislation.

Hollywood studios argue that VidAngel’s $1 offer, which includes viewing of new DVD releases, unfairly competes with authorized streaming services. The unfairness to NetFlicks is they didn’t think of VidAngel’s patented model first.

Hollywood studios argue that VidAngel’s streaming service is not authorized by them.

If and when Star Trek transporters become available should citizens be allowed to buy anything they wish from Walmart or any other retailer, resell and transport without authorization from corporate giants?

Of course they should.

VidAngel customers wish to exercise their constitutional rights to buy, watch and sell without government interference.

This isn’t just VidAngel’s cause. It is the right of entrepreneurs everywhere to compete against corporate giants by offering a better product or service at a better price.

The DVD business for movies and TV-shows continues to die. Even Costco, one of the last retailers to sell released Hollywood DVDs, consistently reduces its offerings.

The only legal and constitutional way for these Hollywood studios (Goliath) to prevail over VidAngel (David) is to stop using the force of government to bully innovators, embrace this new business opportunity and buy VidAngel or license its patent.

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Inalienable Rights, Liberty and Freedom are on VidAngel’s Side

by Robert John Stevens, July 10, 2016

Hollywood studios once promoted the U.S. Constitution, defended liberty, championed individual rights, and elevated the common man with great films like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

In 1996 Matt Slovick of The Washington Post wrote:

But this film caused quite a stir in this town in 1939. The Washington Press Club sponsored a premiere at Constitution Hall that was attended by congressmen, Senators and Supreme Court justices. About halfway through the film, people started walking out. At another dinner, Capra was criticized for showing graft in the Senate. The Washington press corps, who didn’t like the way reporters were portrayed, joined in the attacks against Capra.1

But average Americans filled the theaters to see the film that helped make Stewart a star. The movie earned 11 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture (it lost to “Gone With the Wind”).

One of my favorite movies, Sergeant York (1941), taught Americans that even religious pacifists were justified to defend freedom against aggressors.

The 1965 movie Shenandoah Shenandoah reminded Americans that individual and state rights not delegated to the Federal Government were superior to usurped federal laws, even in a time of war.

But then Hollywood sold out to the globalists and have since been on the warpath to destroy the U.S. Constitution with its Bill of Rights, liberty, freedom and national sovereignty by destroying the moral foundation required to support their super structure.

By 2012, Neal Harmon, one of the smartest and most capable entrepreneurs in America today and now proven hands-on CEO, wanted to show his children some of his favorite Hollywood movies but didn’t want to introduce them to certain vulgar words and scenes in their youth.

Neal could have timed certain scenes and demanded his children close their eyes and ears while he fast-forwarded past them, exercising his moral and constitutional right to do so inside his own home but decided there must be a better way.

Having studied the secrets of YouTube from a programmer’s perspective while working at Orabrush, he realized he could create an overlay or filter on top of Hollywood videos without violating their copyright laws. Hollywood lawyers destroyed similar efforts by CleanFlicks and other companies.

After Orabrush was sold, Neal and his brothers started a company called VidAngel in Provo, Utah to stream videos that moral and ethical people wouldn’t be embarrassed to watch even if Jesus sat next to them.

Knowing the importance of abiding by laws that are constitutionally supported, Neal devised a simple, unique and legal solution: Let customers buy a video, stream it to them and then let them sell it back to VidAngel.

Leveraging crowd sourcing via Amazon Mechanical Turk, the Harmon brothers found hundreds of Americans who would gladly volunteer their time and expertise to create movie filters.

Although Hollywood won the battle declaring it illegal to physical modify movies even after they were purchased (a constitutional violation), VidAngel modifies no movies, buys them legally and stores them in their vault.

At some point in our nation’s history, Hollywood sold out to the globalist whose goal is to demoralize our free society, destroy ethics and usher in world government with them in control.

Because of the constitutional nature of VidAngel’s case, it could and should go to the Supreme Court. Despite Hollywood studio’s cunning arguments, the underlying justifications are unalienable property rights, the rights to acquire, possess and protect property, and the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and possessions.

For VidAngel to win they must spend vast resources virally telling the public that it is their right to enjoy and defend their natural and constitutional freedoms. This is their opportunity to teach by focusing on the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and to arm the public with reaffirmations from all 50 state constitutions.

If Hollywood studios wins and government grants it illegal for the public to filter their own videos then who will enforce it? Who will enforce the right of decent parents to pause videos and fast-forward past dirty scenes? Do we really want Hollywood surveillance in our own homes?

VidAngel won’t win with similar statements used by CleanFlicks and other companies who lost.

Neal Harmon is today’s Jefferson Smith (Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)—the John Doe that represents moral and decent citizens who is being attacked by corrupt, corporate giants backed by unlimited power and money.

There is much more here at stake then just just videos: Inalienable rights, religion, the Fourth and Fifth Amendments and right for parents to protect themselves against state intrusion are all under fire.

1 ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’, By Matt Slovick Staff