…the VA continues to be plagued by missteps, including an internal report indicating that nearly one-third of veterans with pending applications for VA health care likely have already died. VA officials said they were unable to determine how many veterans died, whether they truly were seeking VA health care or had merely indicated interest in signing up.

Officer Who Killed 95 Year-Old WWII Vet Because He Refused Medical Treatment Found Not Guilty

Apparently the police are the “go to guys” when you need to force medical treatment on a 95-year-old man.

…Unfortunately, many people will look at this situation and feel that justice has been served. However, it was not only Taylor’s actions that led to the death of John Wrana that day, but also the actions of the entire system; a system who owes its very existence to the monopoly it holds on the use of violence.

When violent force is relied upon to convince an elderly man to get tested for a potential medical problem, we as a society lose out.