Utah County Flooding, UDOT and Solution Recommendations for Subdivisions

by Robert John Stevens, March 20, 2017 This is an exceptional wet year, probably the wettest since the 1983 Utah floods, and the hard-packed dirt from laser levelling caused the water to glide over it rather than sink in. Here is a classic example of a compounded problem resulting from government intervention. Please read it […]

Utah County will Consider Building Roads in Phases if…

by Robert John Stevens, March 14, 2017 Yesterday I met with Brandon Larsen from Utah County Development, Glen Tanner from Utah County Public Works, and Robert Moore the Utah County Attorney. They said they would approve paving of my 3/4-mile road in phases if I: Submit a completed UTAH COUNTY APPLICATION FOR DEDICATION OR DELETION […]

How to Build Roads in Phases to Appease County Governments

by Robert John Stevens, February 23, 2017 Asphalt roads dedicated to and maintained by county governments at the expense of taxpaying citizens are a relatively new concept. Mankind has survived and prospered without them for thousands of years. Utah County, Utah requires driveways in new subdivisions, which may consist of only one buildable 5-acre parcel, […]

Utah County Monument Markers for New Subdivisions: More Regulations to Cut

by Robert John Stevens, February 1, 2017 In Utah County, Utah, two monument markers are required for each subdivision whether the subdivision consists of one or more parcels. To restate, if a subdivision is comprised of just one parcel, two monument markers are required. If a subdivision is comprised of one hundred parcels, still only […]

Is There No End to Government Cash Warranty Bonds?

by Robert John Stevens, January 12, 2017 Let’s discuss the legality and practicality of Utah County cash warranty bonds. Should the developer realistically pay a cash warranty bond to Utah County for work completed by non-government, private contractors? Where is the constitutional justification for that and where does it end? If Utah County can justify […]

Appeal to Utah County Health Department for their Unfair Practice

by Robert Stevens, December 8, 2016 Letter to the Utah County Health Department: Dear … (names removed), Because the Utah County Health Department (UCHD) claims the below-surface water depth of my 5.25-acre parcel measured 32 inches vs 34 inches, the future homeowner must pay an additional $5k for his sewage system according to excavator Brian […]

Should Regulations be Gradually Mandated Only as the Population per Square Mile Increases?

by Robert John Stevens, December 1, 2016 Utah County, where I live, needs more sophisticated scrutiny of subdivision regulations so farmers can build on their own land without incurring huge expenses and years of kicking against the pricks. Ezra Taft Benson said it best—If an individual citizen requests something of his neighbor and his neighbor […]

Big-Guns Matt Gephardt Needed to Free Utah County Landowners from Tyranny

by Robert John Stevens, September 20, 2016. Letter emailed today to Matt Gephardt at KUTV: Dear Matt Gephardt, We desperately need your help. Utah County refuses to allow most landowners to build on their own land unless they first build, pave and dedicate a road to Utah County—an undertaking which is financially impossible for most. […]

Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee on Compromising

by Robert John Stevens, September 15, 2016 I had lunch today with Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee after showing him my and my neighbors’ property in Utah County to clarify certain issues for him regarding subdivision improvements. He’s a great person and believes in limited, constitutional government. He told me as a kid he operated […]