Will Utah County Commissioners Break Utah’s Anti-Trust Laws?

Tomorrow, January 16, 2018, Utah County Commissioners will either embrace free market principles or break Utah’s Anti-Trust Laws, eliminate competitors and establish a monopoly. The UTAH COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION STAFF REPORT November 21, 2017 specifically says, “This new zone would maintain the grazing of livestock on the open range and the location of activities and […]

If I may make just one recommendation for Utah County…

Dear Utah County Employees, Please take just one minute to read this. If I may make just one recommendation for Utah County, it is to learn how to conduct “Six Thinking Hats” focus groups. You may not like or agree with the following summaries but my solutions are correct. Problems: Commissioners and their secretaries are […]

Utah County Commissioners Delay a Clever Scheme to Fool Citizens to Eliminate Competition for West Mountain Gravel Pit and Mines

by Robert John Stevens, January 9, 2018 Summary A scheme was devised to eliminate competition for the Kilgore Gravel Pit and the other existing mining and earth excavation operations on West Mountain. The failed attempt influenced the Planning Commission to recommend to the County Commissioners a friendly new zoning designation named the Grazing (G-1) Zone. […]

Governments Should Cease Monopolizing Services?

by Robert John Stevens, January 8, 2018 My experience with the Utah County Health Department is that I don’t think their employees like when citizens question their rulings or regulations. To me, that’s another reason for them to stop monopolizing services and permit businesses to take over. When free-market businesses are asked questions, they usually […]

Is Requiring Water Rights for New County Subdivisions Absurd?

by Robert John Stevens, January 2, 2018 Suppose Utah County requires every vehicle buyer to purchase so many gallons of fuel a year. During inversions when our air is dirty and unhealthy, some want the government to force people to drive less but what do we do about vehicles that consume less fuel? Some citizens […]

Should Governments Seize Property and Ruin The Lives of Citizens Who Fail to Pay Their Property Taxes?

by Robert John Stevens, December 22, 2017 If you fail to pay your property taxes, should the government seize your property? I’ve sat in several Utah County Commissioners’ Meetings where citizen appeals are reviewed. Each time county employees testify to the county commissioners that they sent property tax notices and still the taxes weren’t paid. […]

When are County Government Expenditures Justified?

by Robert John Stevens, December 12, 2017 I embrace Ezra Taft Benson’s rule of thumb for government spending—that if I ask my neighbors to pay for something and they deny my request then I am not justified in using government to force them to pay via taxation, forfeiture, penalty and/or by gunpoint. So when I […]

How to Establish a County Government

by Robert John Stevens, October 20, 2017 County governments in the United States, particularly Utah County where I live, can currently be defined by this equation: State Code + Stricter Restrictions via County Code = “Dig a pit for thy neighbor1.” I never understood that phrase. I thought Nephi, in whom it is attributed, was […]

Subdivision Approval Increases Land Values and Borrowing Power Needed for Capital Improvements

by Robert John Stevens, September 27, 2017 For innovation to flourish, farmers, developers and entrepreneurs need capital. Landowners need loans for a variety of reasons, but when governments such as Utah County deny settlement, to obtain higher loans from banks, landowners must agree to lien more of their property, take more risk and in some […]