New Jersey Governor in 1910 Deceived Legislature to Promote the Sixteenth Amendment (Income Tax)

by Robert John Stevens, March 25, 2017

Look at how the income tax deception began with harmless statements like this from the Governor of New Jersey in 1910, “The United States should possess the unquestioned power to tax incomes. It may not be necessary to use the power, but if emergency should arise which requires it, the right to tax should exist.”

Legislatures fell for it and now all citizens pay income tax on their earnings all the time. Great deceptions are always first proposed as harmless necessities.

Read the Message of the Governor of New Jersey Relative to the Proposed Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution of the United States, February 7, 1910.

IRS finally reveals list of tea party groups targeted for extra scrutiny

The IRS targets constitutional-loving groups—this is tyranny and exactly what the Declaration of Independence revolted against.

Wrote by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano:

Here’s an example you’ve heard before. You’re sitting at home at night, and there’s a knock at the door. You open the door, and a guy with a gun pointed at you says: “Give me your money. I want to give it away to the less fortunate.” You think he’s dangerous and crazy, so you call the police. Then you find out he is the police, there to collect your taxes.

The framers of the Constitution understood this. For 150 years, the federal government was run by user fees and sales of government land and assessments to the states for services rendered. It rejected the Hamiltonian view that the feds could take whatever they wanted, and it followed the Jeffersonian first principle that the only moral commercial exchanges are those that are fully voluntary.

This worked well until the progressives took over the government in the first decade of the 20th century. They persuaded enough Americans to cause their state legislatures to ratify the Sixteenth Amendment, which was designed to tax the rich and redistribute wealth. They promised the American public that the income tax would never exceed 3 percent of income and would only apply to the top 3 percent of earners. How wrong – or deceptive – they were — Taxation Is Theft

The IRS should be disbanded and replaced with nothing.

U.S. Corruption Timeline Traced to 1913

I’ve been reading several books about the original U.S. Constitution and how it has been hijacked. Besides for the usurpation of powers by Lincoln, I’m convinced that the corrupted timeline that’s destroying our nation can be easily traced to the events that culminated in 1913 such as the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments, and the Federal Reserve Act that passed on December 23rd—Joseph Smith’s 108th Birthday. We should be planning media-worthy events to mark the Fed’s 100th birthday—100 years of plunder, deception, manipulation and war.

—Robert John Stevens, Provo, Utah, November 5, 2013