Archaeologist says he has found actual Mountain Meadows Massacre graves; it’s not on LDS-owned land

Another historic case for the 2nd Amendment where people are murdered after they are asked to disarm:

The militiamen, who included prominent pioneers and church officers, guaranteed the migrants safe passage if they laid down their arms and followed them north.

The migrants agreed, only to be lured to their deaths. On a predetermined signal, the militiamen shot the men and boys in the head at one location and bludgeoned the women and children at another.

Only 17 children, those under age 6, were spared. The dead were left where they fell or received cursory burials.

New Jersey Governor in 1910 Deceived Legislature to Promote the Sixteenth Amendment (Income Tax)

by Robert John Stevens, March 25, 2017

Look at how the income tax deception began with harmless statements like this from the Governor of New Jersey in 1910, “The United States should possess the unquestioned power to tax incomes. It may not be necessary to use the power, but if emergency should arise which requires it, the right to tax should exist.”

Legislatures fell for it and now all citizens pay income tax on their earnings all the time. Great deceptions are always first proposed as harmless necessities.

Read the Message of the Governor of New Jersey Relative to the Proposed Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution of the United States, February 7, 1910.