The Great Park Closings Deception to Fund Obamacare

by Robert John Stevens, Saturday October 5, 2013

Submitted to Senators Lee, Paul, Cruz and Hatch

Dear Senators Lee,

No not give up. Despite what the false polls say, we citizens of Utah do not want Obamacare. Using the force of government to redistribute welfare was part of Satan’s plan in the pre-existance and Mr. Obama is a bought follower.

The ministry of propaganda will continue to attack you but do not compromise. Your own exaltation may depend on whether or not you hold your ground because there can be no heavenly approved compromise with evil.

But to win you must pray for guidance to get past their strategy of weeping over parks and memorials. Let it backfire on those that plundered and continue to plunder America.

Erect a title of liberty. Hold it high above your head, namely the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Weep that supporters of evil hate those documents and the good Americans who hold them sacred. Weep that Obamacare is being forced upon a virtuous people who do not want 10,500 to 20,000 of new laws to enslave them.

Weep over the parks and memorials that are closed by the same administration that spends trillions on pointless wars. Weep that few Americans can even name the eight countries the past two administrations have ruined through war in the past twelve years. Weep that we will never know the millions of families they’ve ruined. Weep that trillions have been plundered from the treasury and given with no accountability mostly to foreign nations.

Weep that Mr. Obama has increased the nation’s debt by $43k per family and without the least bit of remorse uses the park closings to mislead us.

Weep that Mr. Obama hates America and cunningly uses dissent to cause strife and division among citizens of virtue.

Help people see through their deception. Let it backfire upon them as Americans awaken and prioritize the proper role of government and the services they want most.

Please tell me that you received my message and it wasn’t just erased by one of your interns.

Best Regards,

Robert Stevens