I live in Utah. How many laws must I obey?

by Robert John Stevens, September 16, 2019

How many times have we heard government employees say, “You are responsible to know and understand our laws.”

Few if any Americans have read the laws to which they are subject. How could they? It could easily take their entire a lifetime. Was that the intention of our Creator or our Founding Fathers?

Among those laws include:

1. The U.S. Constitution — just 4,400 words.

2. The U.S. Code. Few citizens know they exist and fewer have read them including members of Congress:

3. The IRS Code. —The 2016 edition is 4,132 pages.

4. State Laws —for me the Utah Constitution and Laws

5. County Laws — for me they are Utah County Regulations

6. City Codes —for me they are Provo City Regulations

7. Motor Vehicle Laws and Regulations. For me they are the Utah DMV Regulations

8. CC&Rs (also known as subdivision regulations)

9. Employment regulations including non-disclosure and employment agreements.

10. User agreements that people click to accept often without reading. It is a fair bet that you did not read the agreements for the operating system and browser software to read this.

Beware Signing of Employment Agreements

by Robert John Stevens, May 24, 2019

Here are just a few of the issues that keep me from signing employment, non-disclosure and non-compete agreements:

1. “At-will employment” — The company’s agreement says they have the right to fire you anytime, without a reason and without penalty but they don’t mention or deny you the same right to quit without penalty.

2. Future disclosures — they may require you to disclose to them whatever you work on for future employers which disables your ability to sign and abide by future confidentiality agreements.

3. Legal Expenses — Whatever they charge you with, you are required to bear the financial burden of their legal expenses.

4. Transfer of all your IP — past, present and/or future. Whatever you discover, built, or build for them during our outside of work, at school or afterwards is automatically transferred to them. Had the Google or Facebook founders signed such a legal document, surely they would have been later sued.

5. Legal verbiage — There are many legal phrases and terms that you may not recognize including “at-will employment” and “work for hire.” Don’t assume you’ll recognize those terms.

6. Carefully written verbiage designed to deceive.

7. Non compete — Required adherence to not work for their clients and partners without listing who they are.

If they won’t send you the documents they require you to sign then they are hiding something so don’t put yourself and family in jeopardy.

They may say after you accept the job you can read the documents while signing them but under that pressure will you really walk away from a bad contract?

Ask them if they will work directly with your lawyer and send your lawyer all the documents. If they won’t do that then forget it–there are plenty of jobs available. Don’t ruin your life.

Of course you hope you discover or invent something at school or outside of work that you can benefit from. Work towards that and prosper.

Do the dead have rights?

There is some discussion in Utah about protecting petroglyphs which raises the questions: Do the dead have rights? Do petroglyphs and art have rights if their makers are now dead? And do we compromise the rights and liberty of the living for the rights and creations of those who are dead?

Surely government doesn’t care about the right of the dead nor their creations.

The issue of protecting petroglyphs was discussed this year because Utah County Commissioners granted monopolies to existing mines and earth extraction operations by denying new ones to form on West Mountain. The deceptive plan to get the citizens to demand rezoning lands from grazing and mining to just grazing worked especially well on those who pushed for protecting petroglyphs although it had nothing to do with that.

Evil succeeds when it can successfully convince the people to beg for it.

–Robert Stevens, February 25, 2018

US to ship 1,600 tanks to Dutch arms depot in ‘clear message’ to Russia

God abandons nations who fight wars of aggression but blesses those who defend their lands, their families, and their liberties. The globalists and U.S. Military Industrial Complex, blessed by hundreds of paid-for congressmen, enjoy big profits in never-ending war.

Wars are financed and sponsored by eager banksters, corrupt politicians, and corporate executives. Arrest and try them for their crimes against humanity and mankind will achieve peace.

Mormon Church Website on Religious Freedom

by Robert John Stevens, September 13, 2016

This new Mormon website on religious freedom is a step in the right direction but it may only have short-term and minor influence.

Why? Because it is becoming increasingly difficult to defend one inalienable right and ignore others. The Church will have difficulty protecting religious freedom from government interference while ignoring inalienable property rights, inalienable rights to defend, inalienable rights to liberty, life, happiness, education, self-government, throwing off tyrannical governments, etc.

Inalienable rights are rights we received from God. They were put into our beings by God, perhaps at the time of our creation.’

Inalienable rights can not be delegated or given to government nor should they. For example, if you grant government your right to life then you give them the right to end your life.

These principles are not taught in church meetings.

18th, 19th and early 20th-century Americans knew they can’t expect government to defend inalienable rights unless they, the citizens, are ready to protect them by violence. As foreign and un-politically correct as that sounds today in 21st-Century America, that’s exactly what Jesus Christ says he did in Mormon scripture—he raised up wise men to start a revolution, throw off the British government by force and create the U.S. Constitution.

Up until the 20th century Americans knew well the tree of liberty had to be constantly safeguarded. They knew the consequences for failure, as did the compilers of the Book of Mormon document, can result in the destruction of people, nations and even civilizations.

Tibble Fork Dam Disaster: Terms to Plan Future Sensitive Projects

by Robert John Stevens, August 24, 2016

This morning I met with Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee, probably one of the friendliest and wisest public servants in Utah’s history, who told me that in meetings he warned contractors not to allow large amounts of water to gush out of the Tibble Fork Dam because to avoid unleashing silt and contaminated sediments that would pollute the river below.

That’s just what the contractors did. The result is an environmental and public-relations nightmare.

Here’s a photo of the dirt flowing down the American Fork river:

To reduce the potential for future disasters, vital engineering terms to discuss when planning future sensitive projects include:

Fault tolerance: The property that enables a system to continue operating properly in the event of the failure of (or one or more faults within) some of its components.

Redundancy: The inclusion of extra components that are not strictly necessary to functioning, in case of failure in other components.

Rollback: The process of restoring a database or program to a previously defined state, typically to recover from an error.

VidAngel’s Cause is for all Mankind

by Robert John Stevens, July 10, 2016

VidAngel is being sued by four corporate giants: Disney, Lucasfilm, Fox and Warner Bros. who will use every deceptive strategy possible to shut them down.

Read the bully filing and demand for jury trial against VidAngel.

VidAngel buys a physical DVD of a movie or TV show, sells it to a customer who also gets to watch it via the VidAngel video streaming service, and then buys the DVD back at a reduced price. Doesn’t that sound like a normal free market transaction as defined by Adam Smith’s “The Wealth Of Nations?”

The rights to buy, sell and transport are both natural and inalienable rights that existed long before governments were formed. Citizens formed governments in part to defend those rights.

VidAngel buys videos that would normally never be purchased because of their crude content. Hollywood studios ignores that and cites loss of revenues for copyright holders. That of course is baloney and is a blatant act of deception that exposes to citizens how Hollywood studios use the force of government to squash competitors.

Suppose you buy a video, make a personal copy and then show that to a hundred neighbors. Should each person by forced to send the copyright holders money? Of course not.

The global elite are using copyright infringement to shut down free speech on the Internet. This is just another opportunity to further erode free speech by passing more copyright legislation.

Hollywood studios argue that VidAngel’s $1 offer, which includes viewing of new DVD releases, unfairly competes with authorized streaming services. The unfairness to NetFlicks is they didn’t think of VidAngel’s patented model first.

Hollywood studios argue that VidAngel’s streaming service is not authorized by them.

If and when Star Trek transporters become available should citizens be allowed to buy anything they wish from Walmart or any other retailer, resell and transport without authorization from corporate giants?

Of course they should.

VidAngel customers wish to exercise their constitutional rights to buy, watch and sell without government interference.

This isn’t just VidAngel’s cause. It is the right of entrepreneurs everywhere to compete against corporate giants by offering a better product or service at a better price.

The DVD business for movies and TV-shows continues to die. Even Costco, one of the last retailers to sell released Hollywood DVDs, consistently reduces its offerings.

The only legal and constitutional way for these Hollywood studios (Goliath) to prevail over VidAngel (David) is to stop using the force of government to bully innovators, embrace this new business opportunity and buy VidAngel or license its patent.

See also: Inalienable Rights, Liberty and Freedom are on VidAngel’s Side.