Governments Must Never Perform Services That Free Markets Can Do

It was never my intention to be a land developer. I thought people could buy farmland and move onto it. Utah County has so many utility requirements that I had to develop and sell off lots to pay for them. For example, I could have used geothermal, solar and/or wind energy instead of having more […]

Governments Should Cease Monopolizing Services?

by Robert John Stevens, January 8, 2018 My experience with the Utah County Health Department is that I don’t think their employees like when citizens question their rulings or regulations. To me, that’s another reason for them to stop monopolizing services and permit businesses to take over. When free-market businesses are asked questions, they usually […]


TSA is a government institution designed to harass citizens, get them used to being controlled, bless the security industrial complex and airlines, and increase national debt to bless the Federal Reserve private shareholders who monetize that debt. TSA has no motivation to make a profit and no good reason to provide excellent service for competitive […]

The Goodness of Conditional Approval

by Robert John Stevens, May 5, 2016 I considered calling this article, “The Tyranny of Unconditional Denial.” Suppose you submit an application requesting governmental permission to build on your private property after you’ve done your best to conform to their laws and ordinances. You are granted approval based upon certain well-stated conditions that you must […]

Mormon Utah County’s Excessive Violations of Inalienable Private Property Rights

by Robert John Stevens, May 5, 2016 During the Brigham Young administration alone, Mormons founded nearly four hundred settlements with three hundred more thereafter. Surveyors drafted township plats. Pioneers moved onto their land with no regulations other than to follow the golden rule. Today Utah County’s Land-Use Ordinances are 290 pages. How many violate inalienable […]

Cunning deceit, false charges, made-up evidence and learned lawyers

Cunning deceit, false charges, made-up evidence and learned lawyers. This Book of Mormon’s description sounds like the current policy towards declared homeland terrorists and whistleblowers: 13 Nevertheless, there were some among them who thought to question them, that by their cunning devices they might catch them in their words, that they might find witness against […]