A message from ‘His Excellency’ Sam Adams and ‘The Most Worshipful’ Paul Revere to the 21st Century: Time capsule buried by the real ‘Sons of Liberty’ opened after 220 years

“Fellow citizens,

The Representatives of the people in the General Court assembled did solemnly Resolve, that an Edifice be erected upon this spot of ground for the purpose of holding the Public Council of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. By the request of their Agents and Commissioners, I do now lay the Corner Stone.

May the Superstructure be raised even to the top Stone without any untoward accident, and remain permanent as the everlasting mountains. May the principles of our excellent Constitution, founded in nature and
in the Rights of Man, be ably defended here: And may the same
principles be deeply engraven on the hearts of all citizens, and thereby fixed unimpaired and in full vigor till time shall be no more.” —Governor Samuel Adams, upon the laying of the cornerstone for the new state house

Paul Revere’s speech on July 4, 1795:

“Worshipful Brethren. I congratulate you on this auspicious day when the Arts and Science are establishing themselves in our happy country, a Country distinguished from the rest of the World, by being a Government of Laws where Liberty has found a safe and secure abode, and where her sons are determined to support and protect her.

“Brethren we are called this day by our honorable & patriotic Governor, his Excellency Samuel Adams to assist him in laying the corner stone of a building to be erected for the use of the Legislative and Executive branches of Government of this Commonwealth. May we, my Brethren, so square our actions thro life as to show to the World of Mankind, that we mean to live within the compass of Good Citizens, that we wish to stand upon a level with them, that when we part we may be admitted into the Temple where Reigns Silence and Peace.”

The silver plate placed beneath the corner stone bears the following inscription:

This Corner Stone of a building
intended for the use of the Legislative
and Executive Branches of Government
of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
was laid by
His Excellency SAMUEL ADAMS, Esq
Governor of said Commonwealth
Assisted by the Most Worshipful PAUL REVERE
Grand Master
and the Right Worshipful William Scollay,
Deputy Grand Master,
the Grand Wardens and Bretheren
of the GRAND LODGE of Massachusetts
on the 4th day of JULY
An. Dom. 1795
A.L. 5795
Being the 20th anniversary of American Independence