Media Attacks Confirm The Best Next President

by Robert John Stevens, July 21, 2016 Relentless attacks against Donald Trump from mainstream news (ABC, CBS, MSNBC), Yahoo, major newspapers (The New York Times and Washington Post), nutcase commentators, magazines and neocon politicians, using every trick known to experts of lies and deceit, confirm the best next president. It is simple: whomever evil rejects […]

Inalienable Rights, Liberty and Freedom are on VidAngel’s Side

by Robert John Stevens, July 10, 2016 Hollywood studios once promoted the U.S. Constitution, defended liberty, championed individual rights, and elevated the common man with great films like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In 1996 Matt Slovick of The Washington Post wrote: But this film caused quite a stir in this town in 1939. The […]