Why Won’t Republicans Invalidate Obama’s Illegal Immigration Decrees?

Why don’t the Republicans just declare they will not allow Obama to dictate on immigration, and for Americans to ignore his decrees?

Is it because the Republicans and Democrats are just different manifestations of the same gang? Do the Republicans like the idea of a dictatorship for when they take power? Are those the reasons they aren’t making a stand?

If no stand is taken, the U.S. Constitution is indisputably void, all three branches of government are contained in the President, and Americans clearly live under a dictatorship.


by Robert John Stevens, January 9, 2014

When the chief executive makes and changes laws, that form of government is called a dictatorship. History and scriptures are clear that dictatorships usually end only after much bloodshed.

On July 2, President Obama rewrote the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), granting waivers to big businesses and members of Congress. Many changes have since been decreed.

The President has no authority to make or change laws. Not only has he broken his sworn oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” so has every member of Congress for not prosecuting him.

Impeachment must begin in the House but governors, senators and politicians at every level who do not use their podium to demand Constitutional adherence are guilty and must be removed from office.

U.S. leaks tell Assad he can relax. The bombing will be brief and limited.

Somebody, please try and prevent the U.S from starting WW III by bombing Syria.

Look, this is ridiculous. The White House is telling the world that bombing may start Thursday and may last three days. Isn’t that in itself a breach of national security? Are we supposed to be that stupid and that far past feeling to say, “Oh, then please ignore the will of the American people, please ignore Congress and International Law, and please do bomb Syria, Mr. President.”

Guns and the Government

Comments by Robert Stevens, January 17, 2013:

This is another excellent article by Judge Andrew Napolitano that every American must read.

To add to his article, there is without doubt a relationship between individual prosperity and the size of the federal government that usurps power from the states and then funds itself through taxation and borrowing, which burdens makes it increasingly more difficult for the people to prosper.

The goal for such a federal government then would be to extend the Ponzi scheme for as long as possible until the people can be controlled, or turn against the people and eliminate the unwanted,  or convert to a full military economy and thrust the nation into global war. Whatever the outcome, the financial system eventually collapses and war, violence and bloodshed will inevitably be the outcome.

Reason would suggest that the problem only gets worse with time and lawmakers would want to do everything they can to repair the damage as quickly as possible, but we’ve seen just the opposite so it is reasonable to assume and prepare for the worst.