Play the New Federal Government Game—What Will You Pay For?

Dear Senators Lee, Cruz and Paul,

Besides for defense and protecting liberty and what is defined specifically in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, what is the proper role of the federal government and what do we really want to pay for?

Many Utah citizens and Americans are asking this same question.

Try this exercise with your colleagues and staff. Considering the Golden Rule and that government shouldn’t steal or exist to redistribute wealth, pretend you’re beginning from scratch and your group wants to form a federal government and that every expenditure diminishes from your earnings, what list would you in good conscience create?

Can you ask every American to make their own list? Get the media to discuss it. I guarantee this will soon become one of the most important questions in America so why don’t you be the one to role it out on a grand scale?

Now historically, I can testify from my 28 years as a professional programmer that software becomes bloated with features. Often teams think that just because they are employeed they must add features. They listen to the “power users” (aka special interest groups) and then compromise the features the majority need to satisfy the few. Eventually startups come along and provide just the essentials that everyone really needed in the first place and then perhaps something new and innovative, usually for a much better price and eventually eat into the market share or take it over entirely.

I think if you perform this exercise and compare it to what your group is willing to give up from their own wages, and then compare that to what we have today, you will see just how misaligned and out of control things have become.

We call these entrepreneurial marketing events or low-cost things we can do to get massive publicity. You’re already doing one with the “don’t fund Obamacare” gig. I commend you. Keep rolling them out. Lead the charge. Keep the people thinking and the media spotlight will be yours. It may be our only hope to avoid as Dr. Ron Paul said on several occasions, that things will get much worse and will not end well for us.

Best Regards,

Robert John Stevens
Provo, Utah

Mt Pinatubo Volcano Negating Entire Human Race’s CO2 Contribution

“…when the volcano Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, it spewed out more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire human race had emitted in all its years on earth. Yes, folks, Mt Pinatubo was active for over one year – think about it.”

Just shows you that mankind doesn’t create CO2 emissions–volcanos do. They must be stopped with Congressional legislation–that is, if some powerful organization can make huge profits. Can we start it in Utah? 🙂

–Robert John Stevens, August 11, 2013

The Secret to Writing a Quotable Sentence

by Robert John Stevens. Written and submitted to Senator Lee on Tuesday August, 6, 2013.

Tell Senator Lee I very much enjoyed his senate floor speech on Obamacare and when he said, “If you fund it, you’re for it,” I cheered.

Also please deliver to Senator Lee this message.

The secret to creating memorable quotes is to put the punch or the part easily remembered at the end of the sentence.

Gifted orators like JFK, Gordon B. Hinckley and Martin Luther King delivered timeless sentences that seemed natural but I suspect they pushed their creative limits and then trusted in flashes of heaven-sent inspiration.

Some of the best quotable sentences in history begin with something positive and end with something memorable that pleases the soul. With that in mind, tell Senator Lee to re-read the original quotes of Joseph Smith and he’ll discover that Joseph was naturally gifted at this.

Before delivering quotable quotes, test several variations privately among trusted friends and family. Then whenever Senator Lee delivers his best, quote him with resolve that the human family must benefit from his remarkable insights.

To be genuine he needs to master this skill himself but in the meantime scour quote books and find good examples. Hire highly creative people with passion for writing and love for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and great moments in history.

I’d like a chance to write insightful messages for Senator Lee to deliver and to use my creative thinking to propose events that will further the causes he so nobly embraces.

Best Regards,

Robert Stevens
CEO, WriteExpress Corp.