Who Owns Everything?

by Robert John Stevens, June 28, 2016

In America the poor play the lottery, the middle class invests in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and the rich, knowing the folly of both lower class investments, prefers no- or low-risk, calculated investments they control.

The rich also know the cry for the poor and middle class to diversify their Wall Street investments is really due to the high risk and uncertainty of trusting their money with white-collar gamblers.

I’m now in my fifties, have lived in more than fifty locations in six states (New York, Maryland, Rhode Island, Utah, California and Arizona) and met hundreds if not thousands of people, but have only known a few who own anything of value outside of their home and a few apartment rentals. Some friends rent, most have home equity but only a few actually own their homes.

One friend is an automobile mechanic. He works about 30-40 hours a month just to pay his shop rent and utilities. He’ll never get ahead financially. He works six days a week, charges $100 an hour and still can’t afford to buy his shop.

Who then owns all the banks, land, buildings and businesses? Doesn’t reason suggest that by now I should know many people who do?

Many retail stores are owned by publicly traded franchises but most businesses in the United States are still small businesses. Some buildings and properties are owned by government. The federal government owns millions of acres but that still doesn’t account for all the banks, buildings and businesses we see everywhere.

Napoleon Bonaparte supposedly said, “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.” Now that the globalists have successfully attacked religion for decades, why aren’t the rich being murdered?

Guns and moral conscience. Despite what the propaganda media says, the more guns the poor and middle class own the less likely they will use them against the wealthy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the many false-flag operations involving guns and actors, and the threats against the Second Amendment are actually ploys to get citizens to buy more guns and ammunition.

However, if the American public discovers the truth about who owns everything resentment may lead to revolt.

Top 1% Includes Lots of Entrepreneurs

Salaries of the Rich and Wealthy

Federal Reserve Shareholders (aka global elite?): Unknown but the Fed owns 4.5 trillion in assets so the shareholders’ wealth makes even the top 1% look poor.

Top 1%: $423,090
Top 10%: $157,479

Notice these numbers are flawed if the top 10% includes the top 1%.

If salaries were grades then even 100k means you’re a B student.