If I may make just one recommendation for Utah County…

Dear Utah County Employees, Please take just one minute to read this. If I may make just one recommendation for Utah County, it is to learn how to conduct “Six Thinking Hats” focus groups. You may not like or agree with the following summaries but my solutions are correct. Problems: Commissioners and their secretaries are […]

Governments Should Cease Monopolizing Services?

by Robert John Stevens, January 8, 2018 My experience with the Utah County Health Department is that I don’t think their employees like when citizens question their rulings or regulations. To me, that’s another reason for them to stop monopolizing services and permit businesses to take over. When free-market businesses are asked questions, they usually […]

Regulations are Destroying the United States and Utah County Where I Live

by Robert John Stevens, May 2, 2017 Noxious weed regulations aren’t important to most people but can be used as an example of why regulations are destroying the USA and our counties. To develop a 5.25-acre parcel in Utah County, Utah, a developer must buy a noxious weed certificate declaring the land is free of […]

Costs and Regulations Keep New Farms From Emerging in America

by Robert John Stevens, April 25, 2017 Today I attended the 9:00 a.m. Utah County Commissioner Meeting and when public comments were requested, I walked to the guest speaker’s pulpit and read to the three commissioners1, Google’s definitions of: liberty — “the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on […]

Mike Pence Nailed It: Why Most Government Should Be Abolished

by Robert John Stevens, February 8, 2017 To rephrase Vice President Pence’s quote below, “Citizens should not be trapped in a system that puts the status quo ahead of their success.” Anyone who has tried to get anything done knows how government employees put regulations over reason and common sense. Friends, Today, I cast the […]

Utah County Monument Markers for New Subdivisions: More Regulations to Cut

by Robert John Stevens, February 1, 2017 In Utah County, Utah, two monument markers are required for each subdivision whether the subdivision consists of one or more parcels. To restate, if a subdivision is comprised of just one parcel, two monument markers are required. If a subdivision is comprised of one hundred parcels, still only […]

Should Regulations be Gradually Mandated Only as the Population per Square Mile Increases?

by Robert John Stevens, December 1, 2016 Utah County, where I live, needs more sophisticated scrutiny of subdivision regulations so farmers can build on their own land without incurring huge expenses and years of kicking against the pricks. Ezra Taft Benson said it best—If an individual citizen requests something of his neighbor and his neighbor […]

Can Community Standards Replace Government Regulations?

by Robert John Stevens, June 23, 2016 Community-established regulations may work better than government-establishment regulations because government-established regulations are usually created by government employees who don’t personally experience the need, pain or side effects. In software we enjoy free-market, community-driven software standards. For example, web browsers work because of community standards in HTML, CSS and […]