Why Programmers Don’t Like Recruiters

by Robert John Stevens, December 31, 2015

Do attractive people need to hire someone to find dates? Sometimes, but programming teams that are good enough to attract talent do not need recruiters, especially if they are led by well-respected leaders with magnetic personalities.

To assess whether or not programmers are tidy and presentable, recruiters often ask to meet them in person before presenting them to prospective employers. Do great programming teams care what a candidate looks like? Most will say no, especially when hiring top programmers.

When deciding between two candidates with comparable skills, corporations will usually avoid paying a recruiter’s commission and choose the freelance candidate.

Your chances of getting a job are much higher with in-house corporate recruiters.

Find jobs that are not yet posted. To do that, offer to take your employed friends to lunch. Do not delay—a few hundred dollars of lunches is a small amount compared to extended periods of income loss.

Remember, the longer you stay unemployed the more likely you will remain unemployed so avoid recruiters, get to work, remain positive, assume nothing, don’t say more than you need to during your interviews and get several employers to bid against each other for your employment.

And learn new tools and technologies to keep your mind fresh and sharp, to make the competition irrelevant and because programmers love to hire those using the latest and greatest.