Price Hikes for Government-Run Monopolies in Utah County

Prices for many of the services performed by the Utah County Health Department rose significantly in 2018, especially by their Environmental Health Department that oversees services for new subdivisions, as I was told at their front desk and by employee Jason Garrett. These are monopoly services. Do you think licensed, free-market professionals could perform these […]

Governments Must Never Perform Services That Free Markets Can Do

It was never my intention to be a land developer. I thought people could buy farmland and move onto it. Utah County has so many utility requirements that I had to develop and sell off lots to pay for them. For example, I could have used geothermal, solar and/or wind energy instead of having more […]

How to Establish a County Government

by Robert John Stevens, October 20, 2017 County governments in the United States, particularly Utah County where I live, can currently be defined by this equation: State Code + Stricter Restrictions via County Code = “Dig a pit for thy neighbor1.” I never understood that phrase. I thought Nephi, in whom it is attributed, was […]

Private Property Rights are Rights, Not Privileges

by Robert John Stevens, September 26, 2017 Utah County Commissioner Greg Graves at today’s Utah County Commissioner Meeting in Provo, Utah from his chair and on television made the comment. “Private property rights are privileges, not rights.” I later went to the podium and corrected him. I don’t have a transcript of what I said […]

Defending a Mink Farm at the Expense of Citizen’s Rights

by Robert John Stevens, April 13, 2017 Suppose you buy land in the country to enjoy more space and fresh air but years later a farmer buys 40 acres next to you and builds a mink farm. Countless flys fill your home and barn, the air both inside and outside stinks of mink feces, you […]

Ryancare, Like Obamacare, was Big Government

Trump doesn’t make the legislation, but he wants it made according to his preferences, as do all presidents. Presidents are always sending budgets to Congress and always telling the representatives what to legislate and what not to legislate. They’re always making speeches with long lists of laws they want. Congress generally follows. Trump is no […]

More Advice for President Trump

by Robert John Stevens, March 5, 2017 Submitted to today’s White House Joint Address Exit Survey. We wish to be a nation of fifty state incubators that compete, not satellites of the federal government that delivers poor central planning. End all federal government departments and programs not delegated by the U.S. Constitution, including the Dept. […]

Mike Pence Nailed It: Why Most Government Should Be Abolished

by Robert John Stevens, February 8, 2017 To rephrase Vice President Pence’s quote below, “Citizens should not be trapped in a system that puts the status quo ahead of their success.” Anyone who has tried to get anything done knows how government employees put regulations over reason and common sense. Friends, Today, I cast the […]