Do you stand with President Trump for our flag, our country, and our heroes?

by Robert John Stevens, September 26, 2017

Yes, but no. President Trump’s role is limited to the Executive Branch’s responsibilities as outlined in the United States Constitution.

Moral citizens of virtue cannot support corruption in government, unconstitutional wars of aggression, the forced redistribution of wealth, over burdensome taxation (aka theft), endless regulations, no representation in government, the steady advancements towards socialism and the disregard for inalienable rights, liberty and private property rights.

Should then the Pledge of Allegiance be to the flag, a ruler or to the country? Because the country is defined by the U.S. Constitution, perhaps we need a wording change.

It is the right of citizens to stand or kneel during the pledge. It is also the right of a professional athletes’ employer to fire them if they may contractually do so.

We need a president who is grounded on correct principles. Asking citizens to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance would be much easier if President Trump advocated correct, founding principles in voice and action. I recommend he appoint former Congressman Ron Paul as his tutor.

Or is this another distraction with a political goal in mind? Wrote Paul Craig Roberts:

The protests by black pro-football players by refusing to stand for the national anthem has come at an unfortunate time. It is playing into the hands of the military/security complex which is using President Trump’s loud voice challenging the “anti-americanism” to whip up patriotic fervor. It is amazing how people fall for it every time. The military/security complex and their presstitutes are creating public anger at those “attacking our country.” This anger will be turned from black football players to Russia.

With the public in its pocket, the military/security complex will increase its reckless provocations of Russia until we are all dead. — Washington Has Initiated Military Conflict With Russia

Four Ways to Make America Great Again

by Robert John Stevens, November 18, 2016

Submitted to President-Elect Donald Trump:

  1. End the 2nd-Amendment debate by teaching Americans the word democide which is “the murder of any person or people by their government.” The University of Hawaii reports 262 million humans were murdered by their own governments in the 20th century alone. In most cases it was after they were disarmed. Google “University of Hawaii democide” or see

  2. 75% of startups fail and 90% of products fail. That means an engineering graduate can work 30 out of 40 years on a failed startup or 36 out of 40 years on failed products. The cost of failure to our economy is innumerable. Most new jobs over the past thirty years are from startups. We determined the #1 reason they don’t succeed is because they didn’t correctly validate. Validation isn’t guessing. It must be done systematically using proven, reproducible metrics. See the release of our first metric at — with your help we can make metrics for every aspect of startup development, showcase examples in a variety of categories, and introduce them to our citizens.

  3. Americans cannot begin to read and understand the regulations at the federal, state, county, city and IRS levels—barriers that crush their ability to make progress. Pre-1913 there were almost no regulations in the United States and yet our people manufactured half the world’s goods. A manufacturing nation is a happy nation. Regulations were promoted by the Federal Reserve gangsters and their cohorts because the Fed’s business model was to monetize debt and the fastest way to create debt is by endless regulations and wars of aggression.

    The solution? Replace most regulations with correct principles and the re-emergence of inalienable rights. Many are ingrained into the human soul. Others can be taught by you. I want to help you list and present these to the American people. Many of the principles behind our constitution are explained in the book, “The Five Thousand Year Leap” by Cleon Skousen. Former Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson taught many too in his unique way. All laws and regulations must be checked against correct principles that govern our nation.

  4. Whether or not you believe in Satan, conspiring men are anxiously awaiting for you to order the murder of innocent citizens and to deny them their rights and their day in court. Once a murderer, as Obama became, your ability to make correct decisions will diminish and you will never be satisfied with just one kill. If heaven exists, your family will want to enjoy your company there. The proper role of the chief executive is not to be a serial murderer.

    Our countries greatest export is a government based upon correct, eternal principles, including inalienable rights, a system of government that defends them, liberty and private property rights–where all, even the president, must obey the rule of law. Please decide to not yield to the pressures to kill. I strongly believe God only justifies defensive wars and will reward nations who protect his children with prosperity.

Replace Government Regulations With Correct Principles

by Robert John Stevens, October 18, 2016

Should government laws and regulations be replaced with proven, correct principles?

Men and women can’t remember the thousands of laws and regulations enforced by their cities, counties, states, taxing entities, and federal government, and almost nobody has heard of the U.S. Code. Besides for a few traffic laws, most only remember The Ten Commandments and The Golden Rule:

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. — Matthew 7:12

A few errors and neighborly disputes are much better than denying people their inalienable rights, free agency and delaying their earthly mandate to work and be fruitful as God commanded Adam and Eve:

In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return. — Genesis 3:19

From a land developer’s viewpoint though I see the wisdom of doing all necessary improvements before selling parcels but I feel only certain improvements are necessary for the general welfare, private property ownership and the community as a whole such as utilities, surveying, title work and easements. Building cement irrigation ditches in advance is also very helpful because it alleviates future problems such as collapsing dirt ditch walls.

Almost every improvement though can be accomplished via mutual cooperation and private-party contracts. Courts may be needed to resolve disputes. Government interventionism is not needed nor welcomed.

We also must never forget that men throughout history conspire to create endless laws, taxes and regulations to plunder, control and murder, which is usually the foundational reasons for an explosion in regulations.

Again, may heaven inspire and commission us all to fight to replace all laws and regulations with proven, correct principles.

Dear Top 1%: How to Keep Your Lives, Money and Happiness

by Robert John Stevens, May 23, 2016

Dear Top 1%,

History is clear that the top 1% inflicts the most misery upon the human race, and then it backfires on them.

Despite what your advisors tell you they are probably all wrong. If you want to keep your wealth and protect yourself against the middle and lower class then bless and inspire them, not necessarily with your money for that would require you to share it, but with opportunity.

Opportunity means you set the middle and lower class free to acquire wealth. Keep what you have and let them prosper; for if they prosper you will retain your money, your life, health and happiness.

How can that be done? Well, what society experienced the greatest distribution of wealth in history? The United States before the Federal Reserve coup in 1913.

You must restore government to its original organization but with patches so it will never again be hijacked. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Restore the checks and balances of government as defined in the original U.S. Constitution which means you must:
    1. Abolish the unconstitutional Seventeenth Amendment so Senators can once again represent their state legislators rather than special interests
    2. Repeal the Apportionment Act of 1911 that fixed the number of members of the House of Representatives to 435.

      The Federal Reserve banksters knew to keep their charter it was easier to control the majority of 435 than one representative for every 30,000 citizens. With today’s population at 318,900,000 that requires 10,630 representatives. That may sound like too many but had their numbers grown proportionally our nation would not be trillions in debt.

    3. Establish and enforce term limits so nobody ever gets too much power
    4. Popularize virtue—Only a government based upon virtue can survive and protect you.
  • Abolish the illegal income tax created by the Sixteenth Amendment that is channeled directly to the pockets of the private Federal Reserve Shareholders
  • End the Federal Reserve. They’ll eventually turn against you with their 4.5 trillion in assets
  • Ask citizens to innovate and replace all banks with something else that enables wealth to accumulate for the masses.
  • Abolish the IRS and replace it with one sentence outlining a minimal tax on all sales.
  • Break up the media monopoly and ascertain it can never again consolidate and serve anti-Constitutional agendas
  • Abolish the Department of Education whose mission is to not teach the U.S. Constitution and the correct principles upon which it is based. Encourage parents to home school. Encourage more private schools to emerge. Require all school children to be taught the U.S. Constitution every year, its founding principles, and how to safeguard it. With that knowledge they will defend your right to keep your wealth without penalty and without harm.
  • Declare to the world how the Federal Reserve banksters’ coup of 1913 was successful, and how they grew and remained in power, so a national bank never forms again.
  • Abolish the CIA, the United Nations and outlaw all secret societies that murder, destabilize, overthrow and consolidate power and wealth for gain.
  • Turn regulations over to the free markets to establish best practices and guidelines for government and private industries‐just as the software industry does.
  • Free the citizens from the mountains of bureaucracy, ordinances and regulations that crush their ability to prosper. Replace them all with pure and simple principles that school children can recite.
  • Focus on the proper role of each government office as John F. Kennedy focused on the Office of the President. For example, how can that office be used to lead, guide and inspire citizens, to defend citizens, and to safeguard the U.S. Constitution?
  • Inspire citizens to become scientists and engineers. You want them to invent things to make your world a better place, to extend your lives and the lives of your posterity, and to eventually colonize other planets. For that you’ll need an unending amount of human innovation to tap from.

When your example becomes the beacon for freedom and liberty then people everywhere, by obedience to their own conscience, will safeguard your life, money and happiness.

No other alternative has ever worked—for their destruction will become your destruction but their prosperity, safety and happiness will become yours.

Prosecute Congressmen Who Don’t Read and Debate Bills

by Robert John Stevens, May 19, 2016

Will somebody please introduce a bill to prosecute Congressmen who don’t read and debate new bills before casting their votes?—Not censure, nor impeach but prosecute.

When passed, such a bill would significantly reduce the size of government and may even limit it to the U.S. Constitution and a set of basic principles that school children could recite.

Reasonable-sized bills can be read on the House or Senator floor before debate. Those in attendance cannot be accused of not reading a bill.

A government of laws and ordinances will grow until it self destructs. Only a government of principles can endure.

Myth-Busters: Can Anyone Be “Qualified” For The Modern Presidency?

Hillary has experience on foreign policy. She knows how to dig up a new war anytime the Military Industrial Complex wants one. She can go to Ukraine and get one going. She can go to Libya and she can fuss and fume about the different interventionists but she’s not a bad candidate if you’re looking for someone who wants to manage the economy and qualify to satisfy the neoconservatives—she would qualify.

But Bernie [Sanders] on the other hand, he’s qualified so he believes, because he knows how to transfer wealth with a gun. It used to be thought if you transferred wealth with a gun you were a robber. — Ron Paul

The above quotes in context:

How could we every find a president, someone who knows how to run the economy and tell people how to live and police the world? It is absolutely impossible to be qualified. For a matter of fact, from my viewpoint, the most qualified individual would accept the principle, like the non aggression principle: The government should never be used to use aggression and force to mold people’s lives, who manipulate the economy and tell other countries how to live. That to me would be the qualification. It would be a negative qualification. When I was running for the presidency, I emphasized I was running for the things I don’t want to do. I don’t pretend I know what people should do with their lives, or how to spend their money, and I don’t know how to run the economy. And I have no business telling other countries how to live. But that’s not what they’re talking about. They’re talking about experience.

Hillary has experience on foreign policy. She knows how to dig up a new war anytime the Military Industrial Complex wants one. She can go to Ukraine and get one going. She can go to Libya and she can fuss and fume about the different interventionists but she’s not a bad candidate if you’re looking for someone who wants to manage the economy and qualify to satisfy the neoconservatives—she would qualify.

But Bernie [Sanders] on the other hand, he’s qualified so he believes, because he knows how to transfer wealth with a gun. It used to be thought if you transferred wealth with a gun you were a robber. But if you give the gun to the government, they can take the money from the successful people, and say, “Well, it’s not fair. We want a fair society. And that’s why I’m qualified because I know what is a fair society. So they have no concept of fairness, no concept or rights, and they don’t realize or want to admit overtime they want to do something for somebody else, they are doing it at the expense of somebody else that produced something, or the government is going to do it, as if the government can produce wealth and fairly distribute it. It’s a prosperous notion.

RE: Donald Trump: An Evaluation — Paul Craig Roberts

Hi Paul,

In your article, Donald Trump: An Evaluation — Paul Craig Roberts you’re right and insightful to point out that Trump’s advisors will surely influence his stance and decisions. Now that you wrote it, hopefully he’ll correct his path.

We live though in a country where few people strive to understand correct precepts and principles. As you well know, attempts to discover them require criss-crossing through landmines of untruths. I believe though that correct precepts and principles are built into us and when we re-connect to them we bask in “ah ha moments.”

Even the word precept has been corrupted. Look at its meaning in 1828, “In a general sense, any commandment or order intended as an authoritative rule of action; but applied particularly to commands respecting moral conduct. The ten commandments are so many precepts for the regulation of our moral conduct.”

By the way, the spelling of these two words need to be corrected in your article:

disqulifying (disqualifying)
insubstantialality (insubstantiality)

Merry Christmas!

Robert Stevens
Provo, Utah

Religious faith and the rule of law

Judges must do all possible to resist the temptation to incarcerate defiant litigants, because incarceration should be the last resort. Judges should enforce their rulings using the least force necessary, not the most force available. And history teaches that for those who conscientiously defy the law — particularly for religious-based reasons — incarceration is often fruitless.