New Bill: Presidents must be American Born Children of American Born Parents

Open Letter to Senators Paul, Lee and Cruz
by Robert John Stevens, March 26, 2013

Dear Senators,

Please submit a bill to require anyone running for the office of President of the United States to not only provide sufficient proof they were born and raised in the United States, but that both their parents were too.

If there is to be any exception, it could be for those who served in high office with a long track record of impeccable pro-constitutional voting.

Why would such a bill be so timely and important?

As President Obama has clearly demonstrated, it is too risky and detrimental to the cause of freedom to elect to America’s highest office any person whose parents did not properly instill in them the founding principles understood so well by the framers of The United States, for using the power of his office he undermines the rule of law, wreaks havoc upon our financial stability by further enslaving us with massive debt, creates dissension, ignores constitutional breaches at every level as though he supports them, and conspires against us to destroy the second amendment, all while he and his family frequently vacation, and while most Americans stress and pray daily just to stay afloat.

Not one word has to be made about President Obama’s forged birth certificate–a forgery so bad that the Photoshop layers were left in the file, as anyone familiar with that technology well knows or could easily discover.

This will further awaken Americans everywhere to learn and embrace the principles which made us great and to further ignite discussion that the greatest threat to our freedoms are from within, and that we must never again allow those not sufficiently schooled in our traditions to ever occupy high office or take sole management of the government.

In America you must be licensed to be a hairdresser. You must be certified to teach. But to Become President of the United States you just need to be chosen by the global elite and hire enough lawyers to claim your birth certificate is valid. Since there is no longer any obvious way to be fired, unless of course you expose those who manipulate your puppet strings, the presidential oath of office to obey and support the Constitution is merely theater.

Nobody is in a better position to destroy America than the President. Therefore, we must be certain the President and his parents are all true to the faith.

Thank You.