Now’s the Time To ReAffirm Tax Exemptions for Religious Institutions

Cunning Deceit: Defenders of tax exemptions and deductions argues that if we got rid of them charitable giving would drop. It surely would, although how much, we can’t say. But of course government revenue would go up, and that money could be used to, say, house the homeless and feed the hungry. We’d have fewer […]

Poverty Impedes Cognitive Function

The poor often behave in less capable ways, which can further perpetuate poverty. We hypothesize that poverty directly impedes cognitive function and present two studies that test this hypothesis. First, we experimentally induced thoughts about finances and found that this reduces cognitive performance among poor but not in well-off participants. Second, we examined the cognitive […]

The Scarcity Mindset: What happens when you have too little

When you’re experiencing scarcity, your mind focuses on whatever it lacks,” he says. If you’re lonely and want to make someone interested in you, the last thing you should think about is, “I want this person to like me.” But lonely people can’t help but focus on that, and it makes them uninteresting to talk […]

How Truly Free Markets Help the Poor

An excellent article that enlightens our thinking: …if the minimum wage is $10 per hour, and a worker only produces $8 of goods or services per hour, he will never be hired. Naturally, with a little experience, an unproductive (in the economic sense of the word) worker becomes more productive with job experience. But with […]