Paul Craig Roberts for Secretary of State

This author is correct: If President-Elect Trump really wants to drain the swamp and install a family of like-minded leaders who oppose the oligarchy, he should interview Paul Craig Roberts for Secretary of State.

Wrote Paul Craig Roberts in response to the above article:

My thanks to the many readers who expressed their wishes that I would be Trump’s Secretary of the Treasury and to Rahul Manchanda for his tribute in Veterans News Now.

The oligarchy did not lose the election by a large enough margin for me to be confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury. I would bring into the Treasury people like Michael Hudson, James Galbraith, Herman Daly, Pam Martens, Nomi Prins. I would put Dave Kranzler in charge of financial regulation and have him break up the Fed’s rigging of the bullion market. Ellen Brown’s campaign for public banks would be given impetus. The issue of abolishing the Federal Reserve and bringing the power back into the Treasury would be examined.

The American electorate gave too much support to the oligarchy’s candidate for such major changes to be possible. The American people have some more waking up to do. Major change requires a runaway electoral victory for the American people, the equivalent of a revolution.

If Trump proves to be sincere, let’s support him on the main issues and build momentum for the future. — The Tide Is Turning Against the Oligarchs — Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts is also correct that either humans will defeat the oligarchs peacefully or they will rise up and defeat them physically. I don’t understand why psycho wealthy people think they must own everything when at death, like everyone else, they lose it all and will own nothing.

If Americans elect Hillary president, the One Percent’s control will be complete — Paul Craig Roberts

Some Americans are waking up. As the hardships they suffer intensify, perhaps a movement will arise that can force through changes. However, as former president Jimmy Carter says, America is no longer a democracy; it is an oligarchy. Elections are manipulated in order to strengthen the oligarchy. As the electorate has no presence in Washington, violence is emerging as the only possible method of change.—Paul Craig Roberts

How They Brainwash Us — Paul Craig Roberts

Anyone who pays attention to American “news” can see how “news” is used to control our perceptions in order to ensure public acceptance of the Oligarchy’s agendas.—Paul Craig Roberts

When America restores its Republic, the news media empires must be broken to pieces and never again allowed to merge or be sold to conspiring monopolies.