Obama Birth Certificate Still a Fraud?

by Robert John Stevens, March 13, 2017

Obama’s brother is under fire.

Whether or not Obama’s brother posted a true copy of Obama’s Kenya birth certificate, the long-form birth certificate PDF that was posted on the White House website was a 10-layered, photoshop fraud.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo’s team claimed they found the source birth certificate used for the copy and paste operations. I can’t prove that but I do know my 34-year tech career hasn’t taught me how to scan an image that creates ten photoshop layers. 🙂

Source for Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate Found

Sherrif Joe’s team discovered the source for Obama’s birth certificate—Johanna Ah’nee’s born 16 days earlier. Nine parts were copied directly; five of the nine were copied directly at once–the angles and distances relative to each other match perfectly.

Follow which mainstream doesn’t report this news.

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Do We Care What Senator Lee Thinks of Trump?

Submitted to Senator Lee’s Website, July 13, 2016


We the sane people of Utah don’t want a Hillary presidency. Neither do we want more wars. We hate everything the Republican establishment has given us in regard to wars, debt, interventionism, propaganda, etc.

You say you don’t like Trump but you failed to speak out and support the U.S. Constitution after you examined Obama’s phony multi-layered birth certificate.1

To attempt a coup against Trump is to elect Hillary. Please support Trump. Offer to advise him on liberty, freedom and the U.S. Constitution if you think you know more.

—Robert Stevens

1 An aide at Senator Lee’s Salt Lake City office confirmed to me by phone that after verifying Obama’s birth certificate had multiple Photoshop layers, Senator Lee said it was a state issue.

How to See Obama’s Multi-Layered, Photoshopped Birth Certificate

Mitt Romney to Address Nation on Thursday

March 1, 2016

Dear Mitt,

Before you scheduled speech on Thursday, if you are planning on speaking negatively about Donald Trump, kindly review Brigham Young’s teachings on our fellow men.

Respect one another; do not speak lightly of each other. Some, if they get a little pique against an individual, are disposed to cast him down to hell, as not worthy of a place upon earth. O fools! not to understand that those you condemn are the workmanship of God, as well as yourselves! God overlooks their weaknesses; and so far as they do good, they are as acceptable as we are. Thank God that you know better, and be full of mercy and kindness. — Journal of Discourses, Vol. 8, P. 147


Robert John Stevens

How to See Obama’s Multi-Layered, Photoshopped Birth Certificate

Fast, Easy, Reproducible Steps You Can Follow in Minutes

by Robert John Stevens, Latest revision: March 17, 2015 updated from its original posting on January 22, 2014

Section 1 of Article Two of the United States Constitution requires the President of the United States to be a natural-born citizen.1.

Why is this so important?

Because if a person is born in another country, he or she may have loyalty towards that country, hatred towards the United States, its founding principles and the proper role and constraints of government, and may use the office of President to conspire and commit espionage against the United States, corrupt its laws, use race to divide its citizenry, allow its wealth to be plundered, skyrocket its debt and plan its annihilation. Has anyone seen this lately?

That’s why validating a presidential candidate’s birth certificate is essential to national security2.

Simple, Do-It-Yourself Steps

If you submit a fraudulent, multi-layed birth certificate to obtain a security clearance, you may go to jail.

What you are about to see isn’t a conspiracy—it is fact. Verify it yourself:

Download and install a free trial of Adobe Illustrator CS6 or CC—it works on both. Using a Mac, click File > New > OK. Next click File > Place > Select Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate PDF that you downloaded from WhiteHouse.gov (google Obama birth certificate site:obamawhitehouse.archives.gov), then click Place > OK.

You can also just click File > Open and select the PDF.

I have not tried this in Microsoft Windows, nor Photoshop on a Mac. It may work, but I know it works using Illustrator CC or CS6 on a Mac.

Notice That…

The Layers panel appears on the right as a hierarchical tree. Expand all the sublayers and click the eye icons to turn each layer on and off. Zoom in and out and pan around to see what changes.

Scanned text usually appears as shades of gray. In this document the solid, black characters are likely fraudulent and individually Photoshopped.

Notice the same characters are very different. How could that be if they were printed by the same typewriter in 1961?

Debunking and disinformation websites hypothesize that OCR scanning technology may have been used to convert the characters to text, but if that were true then wouldn’t the same characters be exactly alike?

When creating a forgery, for consistency, most people will cut letters and paste them wherever needed. Because characters are individually edited, whoever was given this assignment must have been very stupid, arrogant, or incredibly patriotic to make this forgery appear so obvious. I suspect the latter.

Kerning Evidence

Do you see the evidence of modern kerning?

Using a 1961-era typewriter, the widths of characters were determined by the widths of their individual hammers. That changed in the late 1980s and early 1990s when kerning was introduced in word processors.

At WordPerfect where I worked as a programmer for eight years, we implemented kerning for our customers because research showed it was more pleasing to the eye if some letters were closer together than others. Obama’s long-form birth certificate not only shows evidence of modern kerning, but some characters overlap in ways that can only be accomplished with human manipulation.

Millions Already Know

Millions of graphic designers and programmers around the United States have already seen these Photoshopped layers in Obama’s long-form birth certificate. Unless an elected official or somebody else important with a podium shows the American people soon, it will be headline news someday when a future administration needs another distraction to move forward another unconstitutional agenda.

We Need a New Constitutional Amendment

Fines are doubled for citizens who speed in construction zones, so isn’t it reasonable to increase penalties for falsifying one’s credentials for a security clearance? We must not allow counterfeit documents to qualify a citizen for a security clearance, especially those submitted in behalf of the Chief Executive—who holds the power to start nuclear war and destroy the human race!

This is something that citizens can reproduce themselves. To hear about it is one matter but to see it in person is very disturbing.

A new amendment outlining consequences for falsifying one’s credentials for a security clearance may also include requiring both parents or all guardians to be natural-born citizens because it likely takes two generations to establish loyalty to, a deep understanding of, and love for the U.S. Constitution.

Although inalienable rights are ingrained into our humanity, love for the U.S. Constitution is increased over generations of patriotic families, and when correctly taught in schools and by those who raise us.

Given how few citizens run for president, this restriction will not hinder many but may help prevent a future conspirator from rising to power and reaping unforeseeable damage.

What You Can Do

This is our government. We have a right to demand a valid, indisputable birth certificate from the Commander in Chief, and Mr. Obama had plenty of time to present one.

Copy and submit the above easy-to-follow steps to your congressmen. Demand they demonstrate it in Congress to the American people, on their websites and using their news outlets.

Exposure is Essential

Can you think of a better way to rollback constitutional abuses, corruption of our laws and criminal impunity?

Rollback is critical for the United States to survive.

We Owe Mitt Romney a Big Apology

Because Mr. Obama presented a fraudulent birth certificate, Mitt Romney should be president—period. Mr. Obama should be forced out of office and Governor Romney should be sworn in as president.

Not only do we citizens owe Governor Romney a huge apology, every member of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate who swore to defend the U.S. Constitution, and whose interns and chiefs of staff have received many phone calls regarding this matter, should resign. They refused to demo these layers to the American people. When it came to taking action, they were cowards.


1 No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

2 H.R. 1503 for election to the office of President to include with the committee’s statement of organization a copy of the candidate’s birth certificate, together with such other documentation as may be necessary to establish that the candidate meets the qualifications for eligibility to the Office of President under the Constitution.

Robert John Stevens earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and has been developing software since 1981.

Long-Form Birth Certificate of Obama is a Forged Document

Copied here in case it disappears from the Israel Science and Technology Homepage:

Israel Science and Technology: Long-Form Birth Certificate of Obama is a Forged Document

A note of explanation

Since this is a site of Science and technology, there is a need to explain why this site dedicates a page to expose forgery about a document related to Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Mr. Obama is the President of the USA that is currently the leader of the Free World, and the most powerful country in the Western hemisphere. In his position as the President, the policies pursued by Mr. Obama affects the whole world and not just the USA.

Because of the persisting controversy about his eligibility, On April 27, 2011 the Office of the President at the White House released a document that is called “Long-Form Birth Certificate”. The release of this simple document, after two years of controversy, raised in our minds the possibility that there could be something suspicious about the information available on this document. To check this, we downloaded the document that was posted at the White House site at https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/sites/default/files/rss_viewer/birth-certificate-long-form.pdf.

The analyses presented below reveal without a doubt that the Long-Form Birth Certificate of Mr. Obama is a fabricated, fake and forged document.

The publication of such a blatantly fake document about something so basic as the birthplace of Mr. Obama, should raise great concern about the suitability of the person who is holding the reins on the most powerful country of the World.

Moreover, the lack of action on the part of the members of the United States House of Representatives and Senate, as well as the courts of the United States, despite many previous appeals to these three branches of American government, also raise a concern about how the governmental institutions of the reputedly best, and certainly the most important democracy in the Free World have avoided this issue.

Below, we present two different means by which the PDF document of Long-Form Birth Certificate of Mr. Obama can be examined.

Analysis of the document using Foxit Reader

A PDF document can be read by many different type of programs freely available. Here we used Foxit Reader version 4.3.1 that can be downloaded from the Foxit web site.

Instructions to check the document:

  1. Download the document from https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/sites/default/files/rss_viewer/birth-certificate-long-form.pdf
  2. Open the PDF document using Foxit Reader.
  3. Zoom into the document 800%. Scroll down until you see the serial number of the document “61 1064” in the top right-hand side of the document. In full page view the number appears as “61 10641”. But, after magnification, the last digit “1” disappears! This last digit is also in a font that is different from the other digits. This is only one example. Many more examples can be discovered by examining magnified document with full page view of the document.

In brief, this simple analysis using just a viewing software reveals that the PDF document has been doctored by a graphics software.

Analysis of the document using Inkscape, a vector graphics software.

Reservations could be raised about the results of imaging by Foxit Reader noted above. As an independent test of the composition of the “Long-Form Birth Certificate” of Obama, the PDF file was also examined by an open source freely available Inkscape (version 0.48.1) graphics software.

Instructions to check the document:

  1. Download the document from https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/sites/default/files/rss_viewer/birth-certificate-long-form.pdf
  2. Import the PDF document using Inkscape. Unmark the two options in order not to modify the document.
  3. In vector graphics software, an image is composed of elements. If the “Long-Form Birth Certificate” of Obama was a photocopied document then it should not be composed of separate parts. To reveal if the document has parts, click on the image opened. The status line at the bottom of the software reports that the image is composed of “2 objects” that have been grouped.
  4. To “ungroup” image components click Ctrl-Shift-G or select Object>Ungroup.
  5. For a second time, again click on the image and to “ungroup” image components click Ctrl-Shift-G or select Object>Ungroup. The status line at the bottom of the program reports that the image includes 9 objects.
  6. Again click on the image and for a third time to “ungroup” image components click Ctrl-Shift-G or select Object>Ungroup. This time you see the outlines of nine rectangles marking the boundaries of the 9 objects.
  7. The most important object among the 9 objects that are revealed is shown below.

Obama Birth-Certificate Object 2

Comparing the object above with the original document, it is seen that in the top right-hand corner of the document the last digit “1”, of the serial number of the form “61 10641” is missing. This repeats the same observation as seen in the simple magnified view of the document in the PDF Foxit Reader (see above).

These are just a few of the problems with this document. There are many other problems with this document that you can read about in various documents and web sites such as:

Copyright © 1999-2011 Israel Science and Technology Directory

Why Does Obama’s Birth Certificate Contain Layers?

by Robert John Stevens, November 12, 2013

Why does Obama’s birth certificate contain layers? I realize this post is controversial so I hope we can all have a private, intelligent, technical discussion among ourselves and use restraint.

If I scan an image and import it into PhotoShop or Illustrator, does it automatically create layers?

Download and install a free trial of Adobe Illustrator CS6 or CC—it works on
both. Using a Mac, click File > New > OK. Next click File > Place > Select Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate PDF that you downloaded from WhiteHouse.gov (google Obama birth certificate site:obamawhitehouse.archives.gov), then click Place > OK.

On Saturday I wanted to see for myself if Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate PDF in PDF format on WhiteHouse.gov had Photoshop layers as some kid demo’d on YouTube so I downloaded the PDF, imported it into Adobe Illustrator, viewed the many layers, spent time turning them on and off, and zoomed in to explore the differences between what appears to be scanned cursive writing and solid black penciled-in cursive writing.

Try it yourself. It takes just seconds. I’m using Adobe Illustrator CS6 on my Mac. Click File > New > OK. Next click File > Place > Select Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate PDF that you downloaded, click Place > OK. The Layers panel appears on the right for me as a hierarchal tree. Once you expand all the layers, click the eye icon to the left of each to turn each layer on and off. It is that easy.

Notice as you zoom in that the few original cursive portions include many shades of gray as you’d expect from a scanned image but the layered writing is solid black.

Notice the colors differences—some characters are gray while the layered characters next to them are solid black.

Consider kerning too. Kerming was introduced in the late 1980s/early 1990s. I know. I was a programmer at WordPerfect for eight years. In 1961 we had typewriters. Each character was stamped by a hammer block. The blocks were as I understand all the same width. Someone years later realized reading was more pleasant when certain characters are closer together and others are further apart. Upon careful inspection you’ll find not only kerning but penciled-in pixels that cause two characters to overlap the same space.

Can we reasonably argue that scanning an image produces layers?

If layers are generated by the OCR software, then let’s trust the scientific method and scan documents and see if layers are created.

What questions could we test? Here’s a few:

Does scanning extract entire fields as layers? For example, notice the third layer from the bottom adds the Hawaii State Certification. The fourth layer from the bottom adds the April 25, 2011 date.

Does scanning extract partial fields as layers? Notice the fifth layer from the bottom adds the digits 1, 9 and 1 from the Aug 9 1961 date accepted by the Register General. Notice also that the sixth layer from the bottom adds the 1 to the birthdate of Aug 8 1961.

Does scanning extract partial fields as layers and change their colors? Notice the layered digits and letters are solid black vs the original digits are gray and pixelated.

Does scanning extract fields but leave white or different color pixels underneath the extracted fields? Notice if you zoom in and turn on and off the layers you see pixels of all shades underneath the extracted fields.

Does flattening layers and exporting to PDF keep the layers intact?

We who are attending or are graduates of technical disciplines are trained to withhold judgement and to prove or disprove what we can via the scientific method.


I’ve heard Senator Lee mention “the best argument against Obamacare…” If this birth certificate is a forgery then the best reason to recall Obamacare is that Mr. Obama hasn’t proved his citizenship and therefore all the executive orders and bills he’s signed are completely, unequivocally invalid.

So what can Senators do? Filibuster on the Senator floor and show the layers to the American people. If evidences based upon the scientific method proves this is a forgery then tell the people that the President must bring to justice the people who forged this document and unless the President proves he’s a citizen then he must step down, and every bill he’s passed must be reversed.

Every informed Congressman and Senator that does not pursue this is without doubt an accomplice for it is their sworn duty to protect the U.S. Constitution against domestic enemies.

I have a B.S. in Computer Science and completed by M.S. course work also in Computer Science, both at BYU. I’ve been programming professionally since 1985. I’m credible but it doesn’t take someone with my skills to see this—just someone who is willing to zoom in and out and pan around the document.

I’m not the first person to know about this. Millions have watched the videos on YouTube. At some point the general public will know. Will Congress declare ignorance or nobly lead the charge? If Obama’s Birth Certificate is a forgery then it is time to rollback laws enacted from an unauthorized leader.