US forces preparing sudden nuclear strike on Russia

We the People really, really do not want nuclear war.

Prepare for all contingencies including WW III

by Robert John Stevens, October 5, 2016

U.S. tensions with Russia are insanely escalating. I’ve never seen the threat of WW III so high. Just in case, to prepare for all contingencies, use whatever resources you have to prepare for the worst.

My parents lived through the threat of nuclear war in the 1960s. The Mormon scripture Ether 8:25 warns us that a powerful, global group seeks the destruction of all nations and people.

My father had a M.S. in nuclear engineering and worked for the Department of Defense for most of his career. Several times he and I discussed global thermal nuclear war, most likely after the release of the movie War Games.

He said there were people at the Pentagon who felt it was winnable but he didn’t think it was. He also said the radiation and circulating dust clouds would blot out the sun and destroy mankind’s ability to grow anything for decades.

I now wonder if I understood him correctly—perhaps he mentioned the subsequent temperature decline because people today believe a nuclear winter will follow and freeze almost the entire planet.

Suppose you knew WW III will begin shortly: What would you buy at the store to prepare? Bulk food, guns, ammo, seeds and medical supplies?

Do you have a pre-1982 vehicle that can withstand an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) that could destroy all line-of-sight micro-circuitry and set us back more than 100 years?

Within days most people would run out of supplies. Armed mobs would rampage house to house looking for food. Good, God-fearing fathers would justify their actions to feed their families.

If WW III begins in the fall, citizens must survive until the next spring to plant.

If the U.S. absorbed a first nuclear strike which would certainly include EMPs, biological, chemical and other deadly weapons, and China survived, given their population today of 1.357 billion and their superior manufacturing for drones and war equipment, how easy could they sweep our nation and destroy the rest of us?

Certainly any aggressor would face, sustaining heavy resistance.

Gun sales hit 17th straight monthly record, up 27 percent.

Obviously the Powers that Be know all this. Do they truly want to disarm our citizens or is their intent to create fear so we will arm ourselves? If so, it is working.

This November we need to elect good, smart politicians who won’t drive us to doomsday destruction.

As Gordon B. Hinckley the former president of the LDS Church warned many times, prepare for all contingencies.