How can 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition protect the crooks?

How can 1.6  billion rounds of ammunition protect the crooks, Central Banksters, Congress, Executive Branch, Supreme Court, politicians or anyone who remotely took part in leading America to impending disaster once millions of angry Americans feel severe pain?

Therefore, I assert for their own safety they cannot wait for a collapse. Their best chance to remain safe and keep even part of the fortunes they’ve amassed is to solve our countries problems ASAP.

This is not a threat. I’m not a terrorist or involved with any organization. It is just realistic thoughts on how mobs may react.

Is the solution to outlaw offshoring, kick out the central bankers, forgive ourselves of all debt, throw out every foreign corporation or entity on American soil, evacuate our worldwide military bases and call for a new constitutional convention to establish principles of good government?

Until people suffer greatly, wouldn’t the same crooks who caused the problem attend such a convention?

Therefore they must recognize that they cannot elect themselves to such a convention or send like-minded friends in their place but must publicly nominate intelligent men and woman of principle and virtue to attend.

So I am asking you, isn’t it in their best interests to return to principles of good government BEFORE the let-it-happen collapse occurs?

I’m also asking you because I know your email gets read. Sending you a message is probably my best way of submitting ideas to government.

Best Regards,

Robert Stevens
CEO, WriteExpress Corp.
Provo, Utah