Mormons Destroy 4th Amendment in Utah

by Robert John Stevens, March 30, 2016

Yes porn is a health crisis but mandating Utah IT workers to report child pornography is a violation of the 4th Amendment.

How easy it will be to frame a person by uploading porn to their computer or browsing to porn websites without their authorization.

Nazis were required to report Jews so what else should government mandate Utah IT workers report? Should they also report browsing to anti-criminal-establishment political websites, discussion of the shadow government, pro U.S. Constitution or firearm websites?

This precedent is very dangerous. Will future IT workers be mandated to report Mormons, Catholics or evangelical Christians?

How will government force by used for non-compliance and at what expense? What will the penalties be?

There are better solutions to combat porn than violating the 4th Amendment but don’t expect government to create any. How about requiring all porn on a httpx protocol?

For those who disagree, suggest a better solution that upholds the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.