I Met Hot Dog Bob

by Robert John Stevens, June 11, 2017

Yesterday, in Wolfeboro, Massachutes, I met Hot Dog Bob. He’s a great guy and tells his story of how Mitt Romney came to him with arms up saying, “Bob, I have to buy a hot dog from you” after this article appeared in the LA times:

A personal interest in Romney

Bob told me he works three months a year, four hours a day and if I ever needed to know anything, I should come ask him.

What is The Proper Role for Romney in The Trump Administration?

by Robert John Stevens, November 25, 2016

Mitt Romney was an LDS missionary and stake president; therefore, he is an ordained preacher with 50 years of experience attending to the needs of individuals and congregations, feeding the hungry, visiting the sick, providing shelter to the homeless and advancing young men and women through their scouting and related activities. None of those tasks are defined under the proper role of government.

Had the media focused on Obama’s forged, ten-layered photoshopped long-form birth certificate, Romney should have been president. I’d like to see Trump and Romney reconciled and Romney serving his country.

The Media Expects Candidates to Know EVERYTHING

March 31, 2016

Dear Mr. Trump,

I’m sick of the nauseating attacks against you by people who think they are prophets and know the future—Mitt Romney being the worst. I’m a Mormon and am embarrassed by his awful behavior. It is not at all justified by our religion, teachings or scriptures.

When asked an unexpected question, or a new question that you haven’t thought much about, it is perfectly okay to say, “That’s a good question. I’d like to think more about that and get back to you with my answer.” Or, “That’s a good question. I’d like to give it the attention it deserves and formulate a worthy response. May I get back to you?”

Best Regards,

Robert John Stevens

Mitt Romney to Address Nation on Thursday

March 1, 2016

Dear Mitt,

Before you scheduled speech on Thursday, if you are planning on speaking negatively about Donald Trump, kindly review Brigham Young’s teachings on our fellow men.

Respect one another; do not speak lightly of each other. Some, if they get a little pique against an individual, are disposed to cast him down to hell, as not worthy of a place upon earth. O fools! not to understand that those you condemn are the workmanship of God, as well as yourselves! God overlooks their weaknesses; and so far as they do good, they are as acceptable as we are. Thank God that you know better, and be full of mercy and kindness. — Journal of Discourses, Vol. 8, P. 147


Robert John Stevens

Dear Mitt Romney: The Confederate Flag Represents States’ Rights, Not Bigotry

Many see the Confederate flag as “a symbol of racial hatred,” Romney tweeted on Saturday. “Remove it now to honor Charleston victims.” — Confederate flag sets off debate in GOP 2016 class

Mitt Romney’s Statement Leads to Removal of Angel Moroni Statues from Mormon TemplatesFuture Headline

This future headline may not be unrealistic as The Associated Press cunningly pounds away again at the First Amendment, and KSL and other media organizations knowingly or unknowingly echo its propaganda.

Dear Mitt,

Future historians may demonstrate how your call to abolish South Carolina’s state rights led to the removal of Angel Moroni statues from Mormon templates.

The United States Civil War was fought over states’ rights, at least from a southern standpoint. South Carolina displays the Confederate flag to symbolize the importance of states’ rights.

Before the Civil War, Americans felt allegiance to their individual states. That is why General Robert E. Lee, a Virginian, declined Lincoln’s offer to lead the Union Army. Lincoln and the northern army eventually destroyed states’ rights.

How would you like if politicians demanded the removal of Angel Moroni statues from Mormon Temple steeples?

Moroni represents the other angel to fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, declaring all other religions invalid. Is that not offensive to the 97% of Americans who have not read the Book of Mormon?

It doesn’t matter what people think or say, or even if they express bigotry, it only matters that you and all Americans support their right to publicly state their beliefs and varied opinions, as canonized in the First Amendment.

Mitt, you have your right to express your opinion but understand it aids the propaganda machine designed to destroy the First Amendment.

Maybe it is time your statements be reviewed by Church Correlation before publication.

States have the right to enforce the abolition of slavery because they agreed to the 13th Amendment. They have not agreed to abolish the First Amendment.


Robert John Stevens

P.S. Using the force of government to remove Angel Moroni Statues would be as unconstitutional as removing Christian Crosses or McDonald’s Arches (which could be said by dietitians to represent rounded obesity).