On Structure and Genius

A 24-year old named Mallory who is dating my son Andrew boasted in complaint form that her family is more structured than ours. My thoughts on that:

Anyone can enforce or obey structure, even the convict or those with mental illness. The genius though, takes inspiration, and creates structure, simplicity and beauty where non existed. I’d rather be a genius.—Robert John Stevens, July 30, 2017

Can Community Standards Replace Government Regulations?

by Robert John Stevens, June 23, 2016

Community-established regulations may work better than government-establishment regulations because government-established regulations are usually created by government employees who don’t personally experience the need, pain or side effects.

In software we enjoy free-market, community-driven software standards. For example, web browsers work because of community standards in HTML, CSS and Javascript. These standards were not created by governments but by people. And they are continually evolving as good ideas are implemented and bad ideas are deprecated.

Years ago when Microsoft tried to create their own standards for Internet Explorer (IE) they created problems for millions or programmers. Today most programmers wish IE would just disappear. Fortunately it continues to lose market share.

The United States was established as independent states where each can innovate without interference and the best ideas are independently tested and adopted by other states.

It would be a very interesting test to see if community standards can replace government regulations. If one town, city, county or state successfully embarked on it, even with a small subset of their regulations, it would be a role model and case study for the rest of the nation.

Government would again be returned to the people, its rightful owners. The size of government would diminish. Innovation would flourish. The act of replacing government regulations with community standards may go viral.