Just Try and Keep up With Washington DC Area Home Prices

Today I calculated the appreciation of my parents’ home in Potomac, Maryland which is a suburb of Washington DC in Montgomery County, one of the wealthiest counties in the United States. They sold it for $439,000 on 1/27/1998. Zillow.com says today it is worth $863,654. The buyers have owned it 19 years, 11 months and […]

Gerald Celente—2016 Predictions, Gold, Silver War and Collapse

Summary: Gerald Celente says he isn’t a conspiracy theorist but sticks to the facts: Demand for gold and silver is soaring worldwide while demand for other commodities is falling, the bottom for gold is $1050 an ounce which is the cost to harvest it, people today feel more comfortable investing in precious metals than their […]

John Williams—Odds High Hyperinflation Begins in 2015

John Williams (ShadowStats.com) is a very respected economist who reports on government statistics using their former accounting methods—before they were corrupted. Although now the dollar is strong, he believes hyperinflation will begin this year after the dollar falls but the system can break at any time without warning. At the end of the interview he […]

The D.C. Money Beltway: Who Benefited?

By Robert John Stevens, CEO WriteExpress Corporation, March 1, 2013 During Obama’s first four years, the national debt increased more than 5.8 trillion. Just how large a number is $5.8 trillion? Let’s bring it home to the Washington D.C. metropolitan area locals. The Capital Beltway that circles Washington D.C. is approximately 64 miles long. To visualize […]