Hell is Reserved for Leaders who Support Government Assassinations

And Heaven is Reserved for Those Who Oppose Tyranny

by Robert Stevens, February 12, 2013

Please call or write your elected officials.

To all Congressmen, Governors, Senators and Elected Officials at Every Level,

Please hold a press conference to urge Americans to impeach Obama. History is clear when a dictator grants himself unchecked power to assassinate as Obama has, nobody is safe. Those next may include journalists, freedom activists, political opponents and critics of his dictatorship.

Then religious groups are targeted because those who fear God cannot in good conscience support murder.

Heaven will not support such a nation in times of peace or war. America be left on its own to make bad decisions. A nation that supports murder cannot endure. Neither will it fare well for us individually on Judgement Day unless we oppose it immediately.

We all know this to be true. Those who hold sacred our American traditions will support your fight for liberty.

In your televised meeting with the press, please hold up the Constitution in one hand and the Bill of Rights in the other. Pray for the blessings of liberty upon our nation. Ask Americans to covenant with you to maintain our rights and our religions by impeaching Obama immediately.

History has shown that when a dictator grants himself this authority to murder, unless it is immediately stopped in full force it becomes history itself and the basest parts of society gradually accepts it as their shared responsibility. We cannot allow this to happen.

Please do not cower from this urgent request to fight valiantly before our open society is completely shut down. Greatness can be defined by a single act of courage.