Resigning is not a rightful remedy for criminality in government

Dear Congressman Chaffetz,

I’m outraged about the video showing James Clapper lying at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing back in March. Suggesting a criminal in government should resign is ridiculous. They should go to jail. To restore America, you need to say over and over that if these people whom we trusted in elected or appointed offices have committed a crime then they need to be arrested, have their day in court and if found guilty they should go to jail. To break this cycle of immunity, someone has to to go jail. Please use the power vested in you. Study how the first Congresses used their power to bring people to justice or the rule of law may as well be void for anyone working for Obama.

Regards, Robert Stevens

Obama, Immunity and The Book of Mormon

Submitted to Senator Mike Lee on May 30, 2013 by Robert John Stevens:

Please ask Senator Mike Lee if the Book of Mormon provides the answer to reversing the decline of governments that are infiltrated with Gadianton Robbers?

If there are answers, wouldn’t they be in the book?

Then tell him I believe the answers are there and to rethink the reverse of how they succeeded–i.e. how to sabotage their criminal accomplishments.

The key I hypothesize is to reverse or break the bands of immunity which they promised to those who execute their criminal activities. Once the bands are broken, their system will break down as everyone will fear indictment.

Please tell the Senator that he needs to continue to reiterate that if criminal activity has taken place that somebody needs to go to jail. That is essential to begin to break the band of immunity and to rid ourselves of the constitutional-destroying parasites that have infested our federal government.

Watch the Robert Redford/Dustin Hoffman movie “All The President’s Men” to see how the White House continually denied wrongdoing over Watergate. Once investigators were able to indict somebody on the peripheral, the tight bands of immunity began to crumble. Eventually prosecutors were able to move in closer and closer and indicted key members of the president’s inner staff.

American’s are starving for justice and the President and his staff seem guilty of many crimes.

Also, you need to stop calling these things scandals. That’s too inconsequential. Think of something more viral and penetrable and repeat that over and over–like sinister criminals that use their office to destroy the Constitution and pervert the laws we citizens hired them to uphold?

Finally you have to repeatedly stress that our system of government is flawed where even if Holder and Lerner are found guilty, the president may decide to pardon them and that is wrong. You MUST expose and break up the promise of immunity to break it.


Robert Stevens
Highland, Utah