Why Does Utah Have a Housing Crisis?

August 26, 2018, By Robert John Stevens Written in response to Utah has a ‘housing crisis’ in a lack of affordable homes: Utah governments and their hundreds of pages of regulations are responsible for Utah’s housing crisis by making it financially impossible to settle. When 19th-century pioneers were asked to settle lands, they moved onto […]

How Much House Can I Afford?

Example Location: 84604 (Provo, Utah) Annual Household Income: $67,925 (Forbe’s Median Household Income of Provo) Monthly Spending: $1,000 Loan Type: 30-Year Fixed APR: 4.7% Annual Property Tax for Provo is 1.75% Recommended Price: $127,066 Recommended Max Price: $195,200 That buys you a trailer home. In Provo, the median home price is $303,300. Try it yourself […]

Just Try and Keep up With Washington DC Area Home Prices

Today I calculated the appreciation of my parents’ home in Potomac, Maryland which is a suburb of Washington DC in Montgomery County, one of the wealthiest counties in the United States. They sold it for $439,000 on 1/27/1998. Zillow.com says today it is worth $863,654. The buyers have owned it 19 years, 11 months and […]

Government Regulations are the Cause of Utah’s Housing Crisis

by Robert John Stevens, October 26, 2017 Government regulations are the problem. For example, to build in Utah County it is highly likely you must build, pave and dedicate a road. For example, a 3/4-mile road with the required 12″ of road base will cost $350k to $400k. Dead ends, cul-de-sacs, dirt and gravel roads […]