Gay Marriage Still Doesn’t Exist, No Matter What the Supreme Court Says

Our society’s ills are because good men and women refused to get involvement in government.

It would be similar to not feeling duty-bound to serving missions to preach Christianity, and the only people left on the religious landscape are mafia and corrupt preachers.

This what I can’t stand about progressivism (well, one of the many things). It doesn’t even have the guts or intelligence to come up with new ideas. It just takes bits of the old idea, removes the parts that seem challenging and inconvenient, and then randomly asserts that everyone should accept their weird, dismembered version of things.

Societies across the globe and throughout history, until about 12 minutes ago, have attested to the power of the male-female bond and appreciated the fact that the survival and propagation of civilization depends entirely on it. No other relationship bears the weight of that responsibility. So, in light of this, most societies have afforded this bond a certain respect, both out of necessity and sound philosophy, and this bond was given a name: marriage.

Marriage is the context in which families are formed and maintained. That’s why it’s important. That’s why it’s different. To “open up” the definition of marriage to include relationships that do not share these essential components, is to actively undermine the importance of the family, and to obliterate any reason for the institution to exist.

People have long complained that the government should get out of marriage, but it was never in marriage until it decided to dismantle and reshape it.

How to Balance Laws, Religious Freedom and LGBT


This LDS Church announcement is brilliant. It is offensive and establishes what the constitutional discussion should be to create new laws to protect rights, and balance religious freedom with LGBT. Until today’s conference I doubt if many people had even thought of creating laws with these issues in balance:

Richard Nixon: Homosexuality and immorality are the enemies of strong societies

In case you missed this, Nixon and his staff were discussing the new show “All in the Family” and then Nixon said, “…I do not think that you glorify on pubic television, homosexuality! You ever see what — you know what happen to the Greeks. Homosexuality destroyed them. Aristotle was a homo, we all know that. So was Socrates. But he never had the influence that television has. The last six Roman empires were fags. You see, homosexuality, immorality in general, these are the enemies of strong societies. That’s why the Communists and the left-wingers are pushing it. They’re trying to destroy us!”