Who will decide who is mentally stable to buy or operate a firearm?

Some will argue that anyone who wants to buy or operate a firearm is mentally unstable. During the American Revolution, the British could easily have argued that all the colonial revolutionaries were mentally unstable. During the American Civil War, either side could have argued the other side was mentally unstable. Any group may be unstable […]

Democide: The Word Missing from the Gun Control Debate

Democide is the murder of citizens by their own governments. In the 20th century alone, the Univ. of Hawaii reports 262 million humans were murdered by their own governments. The author breaks down the murders by nation. In most cases, democide happened after citizens were disarmed and had no viable solution to repel the force […]

Archaeologist says he has found actual Mountain Meadows Massacre graves; it’s not on LDS-owned land

Another historic case for the 2nd Amendment where people are murdered after they are asked to disarm: The militiamen, who included prominent pioneers and church officers, guaranteed the migrants safe passage if they laid down their arms and followed them north. The migrants agreed, only to be lured to their deaths. On a predetermined signal, […]