Mormons: Is Bashing Trump Hypocrisy?

by Robert John Stevens, March 20, 2016

I am a Mormon and totally disagree with Mitt Romney’s attack on Donald Trump. Attacking and discrediting another is not Christian and very unbecoming of a Mormon; instead, we are taught to overlook their weaknesses and support them in their callings.

Donald Trump never served his country as an elected official so we have no basis to judge his political service.

There comes a time though when one’s political track record is self evident and his or her doings should be made known.

For example, U.S. national debt doubled under Obama and it also doubled under Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz.

Infowars reported 995,000 deaths can be attributed to Obama. Whatever the world has suffered under Obama, it has also suffered under Chaffetz who cast his affirmative vote for spending budgets that funded those wars of aggression.

In response to yesterday’s article, Mormon Voters Really Don’t Like Donald Trump — Here’s Why:, we must be careful.

Mormons may not support building a wall but most support Israel which maintains a 430-mile Israeli West Bank Wall. The Vatican and all Mormon temples are almost completely surrounded by walls.

Mormons dislike Trump’s cursing but love to hear J. Golden Kimball cursing stories.

Some mock Trump’s marriage failures but forget ten of Brigham Young’s wives divorced him. By the way, I love reading Brigham Young’s sermons. If you haven’t read The Discourses of Brigham Young by John A. Widtsoe then brace yourself to receive a fountain of enjoyable wisdom.

Trump said he loves Mormons but the news tells us Mormons don’t love Trump. Today Deseret News tells us Utah would vote for a democratic over Trump.

Mormons know that God raises up obscure men and women to confound the wise and bring about God’s purposes, despite their weaknesses, business failures or level of education.

Mormons know the media attacked Joseph Smith and Brigham Young in their day, and yet we believe both were prophets of God.

When evil is threatened, it demonizes good.

We must remember, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, and that former Mormon President Gordon B. Hinckley’s advice to take a chance on converts is also applicable for presidents:

An assignment. Activity is the genius of this Church. It is the process by which we grow. Faith and love for the Lord are like the muscle of my arm. If I use them, they grow stronger. If I put them in a sling, they become weaker. Every convert deserves a responsibility. The bishop may feel that he is not qualified for responsibility. Take a chance on him. Think of the risk the Lord took when He called you. — Find the Lambs, Feed the Sheep, Gordon B. Hinckley, April 1999.