Fifth Columns

I had not heard the term “fifth column” until I read Dr. Paul Craig Robert’s article, The rule of zombies: Why Are Obama and Kerry So Desperate to Start a New War?

Did JFK call them “secret societies?”

If I understand the wiki definition correctly, we call them “secret combinations.” They plunder, murder for gain, obtain sole management of governments and stay in power by distributing welfare and degrading the morals of their citizens.

They rely heavily on secret oaths and covenants to keep brothers loyal and promise immunity should one get in trouble.

Their secret oaths and covenants are of ancient origin, based on a dark religion, and are considered so evil that good men of faith who have had access to them have purposely withheld them but admit they are had among all nations.

Some people believe a few of these were published in the Congressional Record on February 15, 1913, House Bill 1523.

These people are very difficult to find and prosecute.

Once they obtain sole management of a government they destroy their civilization from the inside out, beginning with false flag operations and then by convincing their people to war against their enemies. Once they go from a defensive to offensive strategy, usually on the baseless moral plea to avenge the blood of their brethren, God withdraws his Spirit and protection, and as they are left to themselves their judgement becomes clouded, their enemies gain power over them and they make huge, costly mistakes. Internal warfare becomes the norm. If they don’t destroy themselves or aren’t destroyed by their enemies, God intercedes and finishes them off.

No solutions are offered–just pleas to not allow the parasites to infest government, whose macro goals are to overthrow freedom of all nations and seek the destruction all people.

I have spent countless hours searching for solutions. The only one I can think of, absent the hand of Providence, is to break their cycle of immunity.

The best American example I know of this is Watergate, now understood best by today’s generation who watch the movie “All The President’s Men.”

U.S. Agricultural Secretary Ezra Taft Benson was well aware of secret combinations and spoke of them frequently at civic and religious gatherings, but the best treatment I’ve read is Jack Monnett’s, Awakening to our Awful Situation.

Again, this is from a Mormon perspective as described in the Book of Mormon, published in New York in 1830, which outlines the destruction of three civilizations by secret combinations.

I don’t think fifth columns will survive much longer in America as millions have awakened to the point of boiling rage. Whether you or I live long enough to see it, I am confident that the younger generation will rid themselves of them and elect wise and virtuous leaders who hold dear the principles of freedom and liberty.