The Illegal and Corrupt Federal Reserve by Fox News

When mainstream media talks openly of the illegality of the Federal Reserve, one must wonder if the end of the dollar is near:

It is illegal for the federal government to sell its debt directly to the Federal Reserve. This prohibition has been circumvented by the device of first selling the debt to Wall Street, which then resells it to the Federal Reserve. The latter buys the debt with newly created money, so in effect the government has simply created new money and used it to finance itself.

The system is so complicated that few people, even in Congress, understand how it works. Bernanke feared that the federal government would have too few buyers for its debt if Wall Street firms went under, so he moved to save them and at the same time guarantee a steady supply of buyers of U.S. Treasury debt. — Federal Reserve nominee Jerome Powell is philosophically closer to Schumer than Trump. And that’s a problem

Ron Paul Tells Trump: “To Really ‘Make America Great Again’, End The Fed!”

The Federal Reserve was formed by a private group of for-profit banksters in 1913. Their business model is to monetize debt. Governments accumulate debt quickly in two ways: 1) Regulations which grow the size of government, and 2) Wars, especially endless wars.

Some nations are still paying off their World War I debts. Endless regulations require huge governments to administer. As long as the United States government pays interest and overspends, and the more they borrow, the more money the Federal Reserve shareholders make.

The Federal Reserve balance sheet on their website shows $4.6 trillion in assets. Think about how large that is. That isn’t billion—it is trillion. Truly the beneficiaries if that wealth can buy armies, navies, governments and rule in secret.

Will Trump Bill Us For Our Portion of the National Debt?

by Robert John Stevens, November 20, 2016

The unaccountable opposition will quickly loose their situation if President Trump sends them a bill for their portion of the U.S. Debt accumulated under the Obama administration. As uncomfortable as that would be, the mere threat of it should provide motivation for the re-negotiation or complete forgiveness of debt, the ousting of the Federal Reserve banksters and the elimination of federal expenses not delegated to the federal government by the U.S. Constitution.

Should I work for a multi-level company?

by Robert John Stevens, September 29, 2016

Someone on a forum today asked if they should work at a multi-level company.

We need good, honest and ethical people in leadership positions everywhere. BYU graduates represent some of the best. The greatest good can occur from within. To rephrase President Hinckley’s quote, you can make bad businesses good and good businesses better.

Think of a good company as diamond shaped where the majority of the income is distributed to its hard-working employees.

The distribution of wealth in a healthy nation is also diamond shaped.

The most successful MLM in history is the Federal Reserve–a private group of bankers, organized in 1913, whose business model was to monetize debt. Their down lines are member banks and those who keep them in power, and share in the wealth plunder. Their August 2016 balance sheet reports $4.64 trillion assets (see page 4).

Their product is debt monetization which is best achieved by growing the size of governments via regulations, overspending and endless wars.

Besides for a brief period from 1862 to 1872 to pay for the Civil War, The Federal Income Tax rate was 0% until 1913. Tax Freedom Day in 2016 was April 24th, i.e., you worked from January 1st to April 24th just to pay your taxes. Pre-1913 there were almost no regulations in the United States.

MLM founders may have great and noble intentions as do most traditional company employees. There are good people everywhere.

Re-read the Book of Mormon just to study the effect the Gadianton Robbers had and the case studies on the proper role of government. That may help in deciding where you want to work and what companies you want to support.

I interviewed with similar companies and decided my conscience will not let me support any multi-level scam.

Every one of them claims to be different but all of them have
commonality—their products aren’t superior or they wouldn’t need a pyramid scheme to sell them, the founders often amass wealth, and the majority of participants do not.

Life’s decisions require deciding what rackets we aren’t going to support.

A cause-based job where you are dedicated to a mission will provide the
highest satisfaction; hence, that’s why teachers are willing to work so hard for so little.

Having said that, free agency declares it is your decision. Consider
weighting it against the 12th Article of Faith:

We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul—We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

MLM interviews I accepted this year:

1. Modere in Springville (formally NewWays). Their development team maintains about two dozen similar code bases due to language- and nation-specific distributors. I didn’t think that sounded fun and I sensed neither did they.

2. Young Family Living: They generated more than $1 billion in revenues last year. During my interview with the development manager, he diffused essential oils into the air. I didn’t smell oils in the working areas though.

Abolish the FBI

Notice the FBI was formed in 1908 just in time for the Federal Reserve banksters:

It was the FBI that came of age arresting opponents of the First World War.

It should be noted that the FBI was not created to fill a hole in law enforcement needs. On the contrary, it was created to usurp and displace a highly-efficient and effective private police force that already existed: the Pinkerton National Detective Agency.