Ron Paul Tells Trump: “To Really ‘Make America Great Again’, End The Fed!”

The Federal Reserve was formed by a private group of for-profit banksters in 1913. Their business model is to monetize debt. Governments accumulate debt quickly in two ways: 1) Regulations which grow the size of government, and 2) Wars, especially endless wars. Some nations are still paying off their World War I debts. Endless regulations […]

Will Trump Bill Us For Our Portion of the National Debt?

by Robert John Stevens, November 20, 2016 The unaccountable opposition will quickly loose their situation if President Trump sends them a bill for their portion of the U.S. Debt accumulated under the Obama administration. As uncomfortable as that would be, the mere threat of it should provide motivation for the re-negotiation or complete forgiveness of […]

Should I work for a multi-level company?

by Robert John Stevens, September 29, 2016 Someone on a forum today asked if they should work at a multi-level company. We need good, honest and ethical people in leadership positions everywhere. BYU graduates represent some of the best. The greatest good can occur from within. To rephrase President Hinckley’s quote, you can make bad […]