Russian plane crash: UK suspects bomb was placed in hold

Q. Amazing how the whole world sees this week what the remains of a shot down plan look like. Why don’t we have the remains of a plane in PA on 9/11? Or at the Pentagon? 😉

A. Those are excellent and relevant questions all humans capable of critical thinking should be asking themselves. For those who aren’t it may be a long time before the presstitute media asks for them. 🙂

The “War On Terror” Is The Hoax Foundation Of The Police/Spy State — Paul Craig Roberts

War With Syria? Please Arrest President Obama for War Crimes

Letter sent to Senators Hatch, Lee, Cruz and Paul, and Congressman Chaffetz,

Please create an event to alert the American people how many wars Mr. Obama has started and keeps going, that he does not have authorization to start wars and if he does the Congress has the power to arrest him as a war criminal. Get the American people to think about this. We’re sick of war. We’re sick of a runaway tyrannical executive branch that is law unto themselves.

According to General Wesley Clark, war with Syria was planned by the Pentagon as early as 2001. Why is it that we destroy countries surrounding Israel? Does anyone see a pattern?

It is highly likely that the chemical attack was done by our own CIA to justify another war.

We were not attacked. No war has been declared against the United States. We’re bankrupt. We don’t need another war. We cannot guarantee there will not be American causalities.

Another war will certainly accelerate our financial collapse. Have you noticed how the Russians and Chinese haven’t intervened in any of our wars? It is because they laugh as we financially destroy ourselves. They could have done nothing better to ensure our collapse.

If Congress does not intercede or is past feeling, and God truly holds men responsible, then the number of dead may be divided by the number of elected officials who either promote this or did nothing and allowed it to happen.

Please intercede for moral reasons. Intercede for religious reasons. Intercede to demonize the democratic party or to promote your own republican party. Do it because you know Obama is guilty of many scandals and when things get this bad, starting another war is right out of the executive branch playbook. Do it because you are a man of principle and Americans will agree with you.


Robert Stevens
Provo, Utah