Why Won’t Republicans Invalidate Obama’s Illegal Immigration Decrees?

Why don’t the Republicans just declare they will not allow Obama to dictate on immigration, and for Americans to ignore his decrees?

Is it because the Republicans and Democrats are just different manifestations of the same gang? Do the Republicans like the idea of a dictatorship for when they take power? Are those the reasons they aren’t making a stand?

If no stand is taken, the U.S. Constitution is indisputably void, all three branches of government are contained in the President, and Americans clearly live under a dictatorship.

Let the states decide if they wish to replace the Constitution with an unchecked dictatorship

January 29, 2014

Dear Senator Lee,

I watched you drill Eric Holder today regarding usurping authority via executive orders. If as you suggest the Executive Branch must provide a document justifying their constitutional authority, they will and such documents will serve as free, unchallenged passes for tyranny.

Although much appreciated, your gentle reminders to Holder offer no consolation to the millions of Americans who have already surpassed the boiling point. Even if Holder could justify their constitutional abuses, a dictatorship is not the kind of government Americans want.

I request your staff research, compare and hold a press release outlining the dizzying number of Obama Administration abuses of power that now match those outlined in the Declaration of Independence. They could begin with, “100 Reasons To Impeach Barack Obama.”


Please argue publicly that executive orders constitute dictatorship and we must allow the states to decide if they wish to replace the Constitution with an unchecked dictatorship.


Robert Stevens
Provo, Utah