Startup Marketing Essentials

This may be the best book available that teaches you how to market your idea or startup on a low budget and how to conduct entrepreneurial marketing events. It is written by BYU professors Dr. Gary Rhoads, Dr. Michael Swenson and Dr. Gary Whitlark who spent a combined hundred years advising startups, teaching and testing […]

Blue Ocean Strategy

Why Smart Entrepreneurs Choose Killer Ideas to Start Booming Businesses By Robert John Stevens, CEO of WriteExpress Corporation If you’re not familiar with the books Boom Start: Super Laws of Successful Entrepreneurs and Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant, I want to share some of their insights. A […]

Discontent, Not Complacency Leads to Progress

by Robert John Stevens, November 28, 2016 I’ve worked with managers who remain positive about the products and services offered by their companies even while customers abandon them, profits deteriorate and complete failure is imminent. Ironically, these managers are usually rewarded by their friends who were inspired by their positive leadership and feel compelled to […]

Entrepreneurs are Driven By Love, Passion and Purpose

by Robert John Stevens, September 16, 2016 Skills and experience don’t replace love, passion and purpose to solve a problem, launch a startup and bless the human race. Although investors prefer startup founders have the technical skills required to build their own product, many startup founders do not but that doesn’t stop them from achieving […]