Startup Marketing Essentials

This may be the best book available that teaches you how to market your idea or startup on a low budget and how to conduct entrepreneurial marketing events.

It is written by BYU professors Dr. Gary Rhoads, Dr. Michael Swenson and Dr. Gary Whitlark who spent a combined hundred years advising startups, teaching and testing their ideas.

Senator Rand Paul, Robert John Stevens and Ashley Stevens

by Robert John Stevens, August 30th, 2015

Yesterday, my daughter Ashley and I attended an event in Orem, Utah. We stood in a packed room with Caucasian mostly men in their thirties and then Senator Rand Paul arrived and addressed us.

Afterwards I bought Rand Paul’s latest book and got in line to have him sign it. When it was my turn I said, “Senator, if you stand up and speak and 20% of people love you, 20% hate you and 60% are undecided, whom do you market to?” He said, “You stand up for what you believe in.” I said, “No, you listen to your love group, record what they like and market those benefits to the swing group.” By then he was already posing with the next person but I had the same discussion with one of his campaign managers named Erin Madsen.

Robert Stevens, Ashley Stevens and Senator Rand Paul

LDS university president receives national attention for shoveling student’s driveway

What newsworthy events have your goodwill or liberty efforts achieved?

This is very impressive. Watch the local news video too:

EKU President Shovels Driveway So Student Can Go To Class

Dr. Michael Benson resembles like his grandfather Ezra Taft Benson.