States Have the Power to Change the Presidential Election

by Robert John Stevens, July 6, 2016

Americans have no hope for a fair presidential election unless the entire The U. S. Electoral College is replaced.

This week Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration have proved without any doubt that they and their criminal co-conspirators FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch are not accountable to the American people, the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Code nor to the rule of law; therefore, there is a very high probability the presidential election is rigged and the next president has already been decided.

Is this the America way?

Despite the billions spent on phony presidential elections, citizens don’t elect the president—The U. S. Electoral College does and it consists of just 538 electors. The majority of 270 electoral votes wins. The Powers that Be know this. To place their puppet candidate in office requires buying, threatening or bribing only a subset of 270 electors; the remainder have already committed their vote to the Powers that Be predetermined candidate.

As long as secret societies and corrupt people run the government there is no solution to reinstitute virtue and restore power to the people and states; however, there is a short term solution for the upcoming presidential election:

States have the power and right to circumvent the election by holding an emergency mini Constitutional Convention to replace the Electoral College delegates and to force a quick vote before the electors and their families are bought, threatened or blackmailed.

Given the current state of infiltration, a full Constitutional Convention where delegates meet behind closed doors will likely lead to the final globalist takeover and dissolution of the U.S. Constitution; therefore it must be held in fifty independent state legislators.

Globalists cannot easily control fifty state legislators nor the Electoral College members they appoint as long as the electors must vote the state legislators’ majority vote.

If Americans elect Hillary president, the One Percent’s control will be complete — Paul Craig Roberts

Some Americans are waking up. As the hardships they suffer intensify, perhaps a movement will arise that can force through changes. However, as former president Jimmy Carter says, America is no longer a democracy; it is an oligarchy. Elections are manipulated in order to strengthen the oligarchy. As the electorate has no presence in Washington, violence is emerging as the only possible method of change.—Paul Craig Roberts